Where To Buy Vegan Steak

One of the things that a lot of people crave when they switch to a vegan diet is steak.

Where To Buy Vegan Steak

And since a lot of people see a traditional steak as the complete antithesis to a vegan diet, they assume that there is no way to recreate this food while still complying with a vegan diet.

Turns out, this is actually quite a significant misconception, and now more than ever, there are more plant based steaks that are delicious.

These steaks can be cooked like steaks, seasoned like steaks, and served like steaks, and because of that they have been very popular.

However, because of how popular vegan steaks are, there is also quite a wide variety of quality with some vegan steaks being significantly better than others.

Before we get into our favorite specific brands of vegan steaks, we want to cover where you can buy vegan steaks from.

Unlike some plant based alternatives, vegan steaks are actually quite popular and because of this you can find them in quite a few stores, but you are most likely to find them in stores that have a significant vegan section.

Also, you should be wary when you are buying vegan steaks in store, since there will usually be limited options, and there is a chance that the option in stock is not one of the best.

This is why a lot of vegans, or people trying out the vegan diet, instead opt to order in specific plant based products like this since you get a lot more choice and variety.

So, even if you spend a bit more money on a vegan steak online, you can end up getting a much better product that will be even more delicious.

However, online, there is a massive choice of vegan steaks, almost too many to choose from. Because of this, we have narrowed down the list to just a few of our favorites.

So, if you are looking for the best vegan steak possible, then keep reading!

Our Favorite Vegan Steaks

It is worth pointing out that since a lot of vegan food alternatives are made in the most ethical way possible, there can often be limits on stock and shipping locations.

Because of this, make sure to check before getting your heart set on a certain product that it is currently in stock, but more importantly, that you can get it delivered to you! 

Juicy Marbles’ 2x Thick-Cut Filets

One of the most popular vegan steaks that are on the market right now is these steaks by Juicy Marbles. They offer plenty of different options, but our favorite, and likely their most popular, is the Thick Cut Filets.

These have only been on the market since 2022, but they have already gained notoriety for just how quickly they can sell out. The steaks are advertised as being the most tender piece of plant meat available.

This makes sense when you see how the marbling on the steaks looks just like a traditional piece of raw steak.

You also get plenty of options when it comes to the best way to cook this steak, for example, you can cook it on the stove just like a standard meat steak would be.

These are also one of the most genuinely plant-based steaks available, with them being made from about 70% soy protein isolate, as well as whey protein isolate.

They also contain common ingredients like beetroot powder, sunflower oil, yeast extract, iron, as well as vitamin B12.

They are also similar to meat nutritionally since this product is a great source of protein, however, they have the added benefit of being incredibly high in fiber, and also low in saturated fats.

If you are not lucky enough to be able to buy these when they are in stock, you can also get a whole loin from the same brand which is just as close to actual steak as well.

On top of the stock concerns, this is definitely a brand for special occasions with how expensive the products can be!

Beyond Meat

A great versatile option that is offered by Beyond Meat (which are most well known for their Beyond Burger) is the Beyond Steak.

It is worth pointing out that these are not the shape of actual steak, but are instead shaped like steak tips.

While this means that you can not eat them like a standard steak, they are also pretty versatile and you can cook them up and put them in anything, like a stir fry, sandwich, or salad!

These are made from faba bean protein, wheat gluten, and some more ingredients like spices, canola oil, and yeast extract.

The Very Good Steak

This is a product from the Very Good Butchers, who are well known for not just their meat replacements, but also for their cheese products as well.

The steaks are advertised as having an incredibly meaty and juicy texture that is delicious and can easily be mistaken for the real thing.

This product is made from Jackfruit that is commonly used for a meat substitute, as well as wheat gluten. They are then flavored using spices and mushrooms that give it a unique flavor you have to try.

They can also be found to be sold out occasionally, but they are sometimes sold on Instacart more locally too!

Make Your Own Vegan Steak

We love this recipe for being one of the most delicious and easy vegan steak recipes to make ourselves. There are plenty of other recipes available, as well, so if you do not want to buy an expensive substitute, these are also great products!


Hopefully this list has given you some great ideas for what to have next time you are craving a steak.

While all of the online and store bought options are great, if you are not in a state where you can comfortably afford to buy one, or want to eat them more regularly, then opting for making one yourself can be fun and rewarding, if not requiring a little more hard work too!

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