Where To Buy Vegan Shrimp

If you used to be a massive fan of seafood before converting to a vegan lifestyle, then there might be some foods that you miss the flavor of.

Luckily, there are now plenty of vegan seafood options, like shrimp, that are vegan, but replicate a similar texture and taste.

Where To Buy Vegan Shrimp

There are now quite a few different options when it comes to vegan shrimp, and while they are not one of the most widely available vegan foods, they are starting to become more accessible. 

Vegan shrimp is often made with starches that are from vegetables, and are then flavored using ingredients derived from seaweed to replicate that seafood taste and smell that is so distinct.

A lot of shrimp alternatives do a good job of also replicating the taste and the texture of shrimp, but it is cruelty free! However, if you have never seen vegan shrimp in a store, you might not know where to find it.

When it comes to sourcing vegan shrimp, as mentioned, it is not the most mainstream plant based alternative available, so it is not in most standard stores, especially if they do not have a sizable vegan section.

If there is a store near you which you know has a sizable vegan section, or even better, a vegan exclusive store, there is a much higher possibility that you will be able to find vegan shrimp here.

However, if there are none near you, you may have to resort to ordering online.

While ordering online can be a pain sometimes, you also get the benefit of not having to leave the house, and also getting the widest range of choice.

While we mentioned that vegan shrimp is still not served in many stores, there is a wide selection of companies making and producing their own vegan shrimp.

Because of this, this article will be dedicated to going through the best vegan shrimp you can order to your doorstep!

Our Favorite Brands Of Vegan Shrimp

In this section you will find all of our favorite vegan shrimp brands which are available to source online!

It is worth pointing out that since a lot of vegan food producers are dedicated to creating and distributing their products ethically, that there may be periods of time when products are out of stock, or more likely, that they may not currently ship to your region.

So before getting your heart set on one type of vegan shrimp, make sure to check if you can get it delivered to your location!

All Vegetarian

We love All Vegetarian for the wide variety of different plant-based meat, seafood, and poultry options which they make available, and one of our favorite products of theirs is their vegan shrimp.

All Vegetarian have created these delicious bite-sized meat substitutes that are perfect for throwing into any meal that you want to have that unique shrimpy flavor!

The vegan shrimp from All Vegetarian is crafted using pea and seaweed extracts, as well as modified starch, on top of this brown sugar is also used to help replicate the unique flavor.

If you want a super accessible and easy to use vegan shrimp brand, try getting All Vegetarian!

Sophie’s Kitchen

If you are looking for a super similar tasting vegan shrimp that is completely plant based, then you have to try the offering from Sophie’s Kitchen. This is different from our previous option since it is a crispy shrimp.

This means that if you are looking to recreate crispy shrimp, then this will save you some time, but it also limits your options to only crispy shrimp so keep this in mind.

However, there is no denying that crispy shrimp is one of the best types of shrimp and this is a great recreation!

This vegan shrimp is made using rice flakes, agave nectar, potato starch, as well as seaweed alginate that ensure it has a distinct flavor and texture.

These are a great option to have as a snack, or as a filling for a sandwich or tortilla!

Plant-Based Seafood Co.

This is another option that comes crispy, with the offering from Plant Based Seafood being coconut shrimp specifically, and it is absolutely delicious.

As with the previous option, this does limit what you can do with it, but it also makes it an amazing snack that you will have to try at any gathering! This is at its best when you pair it with a tangy dipping sauce.

The product is made using vegetable root starch, konjac powder, as well as a sweet coconut coating, this gives it a nice texture and a signature salty and sweet flavor!


The vegan shrimp that is created by BeLeaf is one of our favorites and this is because of the great texture you get from the product, as well as the incredibly close shrimp taste you get.

This is one of the best options if you are wanting to make the shrimp the star, instead of just an ingredient, so if you want to make something like sushi, this is a great choice!

Loving Hut

This option by Loving Hut is one of the best, and it has a unique flavor being made using mushroom extract, a vegan marine flavor, as well as non-GMO soy protein.

This is a great option if you want shrimp for pasta or salad!

Vegan Zeastar

This is a Dutch brand, but it ships relatively widely, and the products they create have massive variety. For example, they have shrimp available in an original variety, but also flavored versions, and even a crispy option!


Finding a vegan shrimp you love is a game changer with the unique texture and delicious natural flavor.

The amount of new recipes you can try, and old recipes you can upgrade with this ingredient is insane, and there will be so much for you to try.

Cooking with vegan shrimp also tends to be easier than cooking with traditional shrimp, but in spite of this, ensure that you are following the recommended cooking instructions on the packaging!

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