Where To Buy Vegan Ricotta Cheese

When you switch to a vegan diet, you often just assume there are some types of food that you will have to give up, and one easy assumption you could make is that you can not have ricotta anymore.

However, vegan ricotta is actually quite accessible, and while you might not always be able to find it in smaller stores, you should always be able to find it online.

Where To Buy Vegan Ricotta Cheese

This Italian cheese has a fresh and mild flavor with a fluffy texture, and while it is usually made from some form of dairy, there are now versions of vegan ricotta which are made without dairy.

This means that vegan ricotta is not just a great product for vegans, but also for those who are diary-free as well. 

However, as referenced in the introduction, finding vegan ricotta can sometimes be difficult. If you have a store near you with a big vegan section, or maybe just a large selection of cheese, you should be able to find some.

However, if you are not lucky enough to have a wide selection, you might have to resort to other methods to find vegan ricotta. For example, one of the best options is ordering it online.

There is a much wider selection of vegan ricotta this way, however, the extra cost of shipping can be quite off putting for some people. There is also the option to make your own vegan ricotta.

This of course takes a little extra effort, and the results will depend on the recipe, however, this can save you a lot of money.

Finding all of this information yourself can be quite difficult, because of this, we have put all of our favorite vegan ricotta brands and recipes together here to make working out the best option for you easy.

It is worth noting that a lot of vegan ricotta are made using ingredients that could be allergens for some people. For example, vegan ricotta is usually made using cashews, nutritional yeast, almonds, and tofu.

Because of this, if you suffer from allergies to something like this, make sure to be extra careful when choosing a recipe. So, if you want to see the best vegan ricotta out there, keep reading!

Our Favorite Vegan Ricotta Cheese Brands

It is worth noting with these vegan ricotta brands, that since a lot of the companies producing them are dedicated to creating and distributing them ethically, there can often be limitations on how easy they are to get.

Because of this, make sure to check that the vegan ricotta you want to get is in stock, or more importantly, that it will ship to your region!

Kite Hill

This brand makes some of the best dairy free dairy imitation products, Kate Hill is specifically well known for their Greek yogurt, cream cheese, dips, and almond yogurt.

However, their vegan ricotta is also one of their best products, and if you are a fan of standard ricotta, this is something we strongly recommend you try out. This is a silky and creamy vegan ricotta that is made using almond milk.

Kate Hill recommends that you use this in recipes like lasagna, or that you serve it alongside desserts like you would with traditional mascarpone.

This is a great product with this vegan ricotta not containing any GMO ingredients, as well as no gluten, and no artificial preservatives either.

There are also 5 grams of protein in just one serving, which is particularly impressive for a product with no animal products. It does not even contain any cholesterol.

If you want one of the most loved vegan ricotta which works well doing whatever standard ricotta already does, then this is a great option!


Tofutti have been a popular vegan brand for ages and they are well known for how they have been producing dairy-free products since the 80s.

The brand is established in New Jersey, and they are well known for all of their vegan ice cream, however, they have expanded into cheeses as well.

One of the cheeses which Tofutti now produces includes their Better than Ricotta product. The product is made using tofu, as well as soy protein, olive oil, and brown rice as well.

This is made with quite a different range of ingredients compared to the Kate Hill option, so if you did not like that, this could be worth trying!

New Roots

This is a brand based in Switzerland and they are well known for their amazing vegan ricotta.

The product is made using cashew milk that has curdled. It is also impressive for how it contains up to 8.1 grams of protein in every 100g of the product which is incredibly high making this a great option if you are packing on protein.

There are also plenty of other great cheeses offered by this brand we recommend you try!

Making Your Own Vegan Ricotta

If you are struggling with the vegan ricotta brands which you have tried, whether this is not being able to get any to ship to you, or if you do not like them, then making your own vegan ricotta is a great option and not that difficult.

For a wide variety of different options, we suggest that you try either this recipe, this recipe, or this recipe to try something different.

These recipes, while requiring more effort than just buying the product, can be fun to make, and get some impressive results!


Hopefully this list has given you some good guidance on where to get the best vegan ricotta.

Finding a great brand which you love can feel amazing, however, if you want to eat it often, you will either have to be lucky enough to be able to get it in store, or be able to justify the cost of shipping.

This is why we heavily recommend trying to make it yourself at least once or twice. If you do this, you can compare the results, and see which you like the most, and see which you would like to keep making or buying!

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