Where To Buy Vegan Feta Cheese

To make your next trip to the grocery store quick and simple, let’s take a look at the best vegan feta cheese products (and where to purchase them). Feta is a popular cheese that is essential to many recipes.

Where To Buy Vegan Feta Cheese?

Since there aren’t many major companies creating vegan feta cheese, your selections are likely limited to Violife feta cheese and Follow Your Heart substitutes unless you can discover a local manufacturer.

These are an excellent substitute for the feta cheese selections and are available in a variety of places. Keep reading to find out more.

What Are The Best Brands Of Vegan Feta Cheese?

Even while many businesses are switching to vegan products, cheese—including feta cheese—remains one of the most difficult foods to develop satisfying substitutes for.

Although the selection of vegan items is always expanding, it might be challenging to locate vegan feta for certain situations.

However, a few companies—the top two of which are Violife and the lesser known Follow Your Heart—are attempting to alter that with their goods.

Both of these companies offer feta cheese, albeit the other Follow Your Heart brand comes in crumbles as opposed to a block like the Violife selection. Those are the two main cheese substitutes that you ought to be able to obtain in many regions of the world.

Depending on the region, you could also have access to certain local brands or other options. They are a fantastic place to start if you’re seeking vegan feta cheeses because you can probably find them.

Additionally, you ought to look out neighbouring vegan businesses online because, by chance, there can be a provider of vegan feta cheeses in your area (to find more about buying vegan cheese, read here). But for the time being, let’s concentrate on these global businesses.

These two cheeses are 100 percent vegan. Follow Your Heart cheeses are made entirely from plants and therefore are gluten-free, non-GMO, Kosher, soy-free, and non-GMO certified for Violife Just Like Feta. A vegan should definitely try one of these options.

What Stores Sell Vegan Feta Cheese?

You should always be able to locate Violife quite simply as it is sold in many places. Your neighbourhood Walmart is generally the first spot to look, but there are also a lot of other possibilities.

For instance, if you have access to one nearby, consider visiting Publix or Kroger as well as its affiliates. Many of them will carry vegan feta cheese made by Violife. Additionally, try Hy-Vee or Sprouts.

Naturally, Whole Foods carries this brand as well, so finding it shouldn’t be too difficult! You may need to visit Whole Foods if you’d prefer to try Follow Your Heart. If you have a nearby health food store, it might carry the brand as well.

If you’re experiencing problems, check the “Product Locator” tool on the website. To locate local stockists, choose the dairy-free alternative and then provide your zip code. This should make it easier for you to obtain this brand since it is less widely distributed than Violife.

Because they are fresh products that need to be refrigerated, none of these cheeses are offered on Amazon, but if you don’t have access to a local supplier, you might be able to get them on other internet retailers.

Alternatively, inquire about buying them from your neighbourhood health food store. Such items can only become popular if there is a clear market for them.

Even at Walmart or other big-box retailers, you can attempt this; if enough customers inquire, the store will pay attention. It is a great idea to first check the store’s website to see if the feta substitutes are available there before going there.

Even if some businesses do, not all will, so this is an excellent method to make sure you don’t waste a trip and avoid disappointment.

Where In A Supermarket Can I Locate Vegan Feta Cheese?

In your local grocery shop, you’ll probably discover vegan feta cheese next to the traditional cheeses.

This may sound counter-intuitive, but keep in mind that it invites people to pick up and sample the cheese, or at the very least consider it, even if they are not vegans and may not frequent a vegan aisle.

They might select the vegan choice if the non-vegan option is sold out and discover they like it better.

Additionally, it makes sense from the supermarket’s point of view because they have limited refrigerator space and vegan cheeses require identical storage conditions as traditional cheese.

Check the refrigerators in your local shop for vegan cheese options to see what you might find. If you can’t find specific vegan cheeses, it might be worth asking a staff member if they have a special vegan section or if the cheeses might be kept somewhere else.

Vegan cheeses are not always available in stores, but many are, and this is a growing trend. Although vegan cheese is still a bit of a rarity, you ought to be able to obtain some.

If there aren’t any vegan feta cheeses available nearby, have you considered making your own at home? Yes, it is possible, is the answer. You’ll also need some powder garlic and onion, some hard tofu, nutritional yeast, raw cashew nuts, vinegar, lemon, and water.

There should be multiple recipes for this available online, so you may experiment with various tastes and textures to determine which suits you the best.

Since you may modify the recipe to suit your personal preferences, you might even discover that you prefer making your own vegan feta to the alternatives that are readily available in stores.

Amazingly, you can freeze the feta, so you might want to make a large quantity of it, cut it into blocks, and then freeze it so that you always have it on hand and no one wastes any.

If you only want to create a little batch, there won’t be a problem because you can store it in the refrigerator for about a week.

You can add a few of your favourite herbs or spices to the mixture to give it a little extra taste, and the result is your very own homemade vegan feta cheese.

Final Thoughts

Violife and Follow Your Heart are the two major vegan feta cheese brands, however you may be able to discover regional brands or alternative options close by. More businesses are expanding into the vegan market and producing some incredible dishes.

It’s worth visiting Whole Foods and keeping a watch on the news because they recently introduced a new line of vegan cheese and may begin making their own variety of vegan cheese in the near future.

Hopefully, they will emerge with something unique. Enjoy the Violife and Follow Your Heart alternatives in the meanwhile!

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