Where To Buy Vegan Chicken Wings

It’s a popular misconception that vegan people have to miss out on a wide range of succulent foods that meat-eaters get to enjoy, with their mouth watering tastes and certain textures.

Where To Buy Vegan Chicken Wings?

However, this isn’t the case, because there are loads of brilliant “meat alternatives” to try, which offer vegan-friendly versions of popular meats, imitating their flavors, appearances, and other characteristics.

One of the best meat alternatives is the vegan chicken wing, which offers a terrific meat-free version of a meat-based classic, with its tender chicken, crispy outsides, and spicy sauces.

There are loads of different vegan chicken wings available, though you might find it hard to get them at your local store (see more about vegan chicken wings). As a result, it’s worth the investment of buying them online, where you’ll get greater range.

In our tasty guide below, we’ve got information on where to buy the best vegan chicken wings. Whatever your tastes, whether you like them boneless, hand-battered, or anything else, you’re sure to find some you love.

Where To Buy Vegan Chicken Wings?

Since they’re being shipped to you, we’ve decided to look primarily at frozen vegan chicken wing brands, which will last a lot longer in your home. In our list below, we’re going to show you some of the very best frozen ones, and explain why they’re such a delicious pick.

Hot & Spicy Chik’n Plant-Based Wings – SolCuisine

Our first pick for vegan chicken wings is this packet from SolCuisine, which you can buy here. Made from plants, you’ll be able to enjoy all the delicious combination of tender insides and crispy outsides that you would get from chicken, only now it’s vegan.

The crispy outsides are made of breading, and you’ll find that the vegan chicken (known as chik’n) has a hot and spicy flavoring to it.

Of course, some of the most popular types of meat chicken wings are spicy, so it makes sense that vegans get their own version that brings that same warm, tingly feeling when you eat them.

Those who like their vegan chicken wings a little milder, though, will have plenty of other options in this list! These treats are good for you, too, because you’ll be getting 12 grams of plant-based protein in every 77g serving.

Veggie Buffalo Wings – MorningStar Farms

Our next choice of vegan chicken wing also has a bit of a spicy kick to it, because they’re meat-free buffalo wings. You can buy them here

Buffalo wings are basically chicken wings that have been coated in a sauce that’s a combination of vinegar and cayenne pepper, which means that they have a pretty sharp, spicy flavor to them.

Typically, buffalo wings are unbreaded, but these vegan ones from MorningStar Farms have a deliciously crispy breaded coating to them that makes them even better, letting them crumble in your hands in tasty goddess.

These vegan buffalo chicken wings are also healthier for you than the real, meat-based thing, because these have 60% less fat than those would offer. This is an enormous difference, and it makes these taste even better!

Plant-Based Vegan Drum Stick – BeLeaf

Our next pick is a choice for those who don’t want their chicken wings spicy, because these vegan chicken drumsticks from BeLeaf have nothing but a little plant-based vegan seasoning on them and a slightly smoky flavor.

Adding extra spices is completely up to you (though they do go well with BBQ or sweet & sour sauce!) You can buy them for yourself here

You’ll be able to keep these in your freezer for up to 18 months, and they’re totally easy to reheat when you do have them. You’ll have golden brown, succulent, crispy vegan chicken drumsticks in no time!

Chicken Wings – BlackBird

BlackBird offers two different types of frozen vegan chicken wings, and they’re both well worth trying out. Each of them are made from entirely plant-based meat, and they’ve been hand-battered so that they have a brilliantly crispy outside (read here for more information on what exactly Vegan meat is made of).

Better still, the plant-based inside is totally tender, contrasting well with the crispiness. You can buy either of their varieties here.

The first of these varieties is their spicy and tangy classic buffalo wings, which include a packet of Buffalo dipping sauce that will give the vegan chicken a warm and spicy kick.

The other variety, meanwhile, are their sweet and savory Korean BBQ wings. These still offer some tanginess to them, but they’re more of a sweet treat version of the vegan chicken, and the Korean flavoring all comes in the form of a dipping sauce.

Buffalo Wings – Field Roast

Our final pick of great frozen vegan chicken wings are these ones from Field Roast, a plant-based company that does their own versions of both meat and cheese. You can buy their chicken wings here.

The chicken wings are served with a Buffalo sauce that helps to make them warm and spicy, as well giving them a tanginess that some people will just love.

As for the plant-based chicken wings themselves, they’ve been specially crafted with garlic, onions, and rubbed sage, all great seasonings that help to bring loads of flavor out of the food.

You can either buy them online from this website, or use the website to find a retailer near you that stocks them already. Either way, you’ll end up with these crisp, lightly battered delights!

Why Should You Eat Vegan Chicken Wings?

There are plenty of reasons that you should opt for vegan chicken wings rather than the real-meat alternative. For a start, plant-based meat contains higher levels of fiber than the real animal product, which is good for you.

On top of that, they also provide lower levels of saturated fats, making them much more healthy.

Final Thoughts

Vegan chicken wings are a fantastic alternative to meat-based chicken wings, offering you a treat that’s healthier and has the same great taste. You’ll get the same blend of crispy outside and tender inside, and you can use our list to find your future favorite vegan wings!

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