What Would Happen If Everyone Went Vegan?

So, you go to bed tonight and the world is as it is today. You wake up in the morning to a whole new world. Everyone who inhabits earth now follows a strictly vegan diet and lifestyle.

What Would Happen If Everyone Went Vegan?

How much do you think that would impact society and day-to-day life? 

Now, I can and will throughout this article, paint a picture of what this world might look like. But it’s worth noting that this is all based on predictions. I obviously don’t have some crystal ball that can show the future for certain.

I’d be looking up next week’s lotto numbers if I could. But what we already know about meat production allows us to forecast what might follow should it become obsolete. 

And while this might seem very unlikely right now, it might not be as far in the future as you may think. Plant-based diets are ever on the rise, especially among the younger demographic.

Are we slowly moving towards a new kind of lifestyle and thus a whole new way of life? Who knows. 

Ready to enter the new earth? Come on then, let’s jump forward in time. 

It’s A Whole Lot Greener Now

The vegan-only diet has been in effect for years now and our earth is thanking us for it.

Not many of earth’s inhabitants expected their diet to impact global warming so directly, but as meat consumption has long been left behind, it is obvious that it did. 

Meat production was responsible for many harmful man made greenhouse gases. Around 14.5% to be exact. And though that may sound like a small number, let me put it into a little perspective for you.

It’s about the same as all the exhaust emissions from not just every single car on the planet, but every train, ship, or aircraft too. 

And that has all stopped now. In fact, in the year 2050, we will finally drop food-based emissions across the globe by a whopping 70% just from going vegan.

This in turn saves the planet an economic value of approximately 545 billion dollars. 

Fewer People Are Dying 

You may have expected the whole world to be super fit and healthy now since we’re all eating plant-based diets but that isn’t always the case.

There are still plenty of plant-based junk food options that are devoid of nutritional value so it’s still important to put emphasis on ensuring that you’re eating the right foods. So sorry, life hasn’t got any easier in that aspect. 

However, with that being said, with processed meats now a thing of the past, there are quite a few health benefits too.

Processed meats were carcinogenic, and often they led to cases of heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and a whole host of other health complications. 

Since meat consumption ended, there have been far fewer cases of these health complications and per year there are approximately 8.1 million fewer deaths.

This means that there are around 700-1,000 billion dollars being saved annually on health care. 

What Would Happen If Everyone Went Vegan?

World Hunger Is On The Decrease 

We found out that meat production required approximately 17 times more land, 14 times more water, and 10 times more energy to produce than that of a vegetarian diet.

And so once it ended, there were a whole lot of extra resources that could be dedicated to growing more vegan-friendly food. 

Before, of all the agricultural land available on earth, a whopping 68% of it was used for livestock. 

Now, this land is used to grow bountiful amounts of food and is able to help world hunger become a thing of the past. 

Natural Balance Was Restored For Animals

The biggest concern that you might have about this new earth is what happened to all of the animals. 

It’s some good and some bad news. 

Some animals were taken in by sanctuaries to be taken care of, some were simply abandoned, and some slowly returned to the wild.

Of course, as is the case with a survival of the fittest world, this meant that many of the animals were hunted by natural predators. However, many survived to become predators themselves. 

For a while, the numbers of these animals fluctuated for a while, but this is to be expected. And over time balance was restored.

Sadly, some species such as broiler chickens were so far removed from their ancestors that they weren’t capable of surviving in the wild. We lost several species this way. 

Many actually believed that animals might soon take over the world, but that didn’t really happen. You see, these animals were no longer being bred so extensively for meat production and they just don’t reproduce at the same rate when in the wild. 

And even though we may have stopped eating many of these animals, the destruction of their natural habitats for human resources sadly remains the same. So, they never really stood a chance of overpopulation. 

Nature is a powerful force that not even humans can always bend to their will. The releasing of all these captive animals soon found its balance all on its own. 

Final Thoughts – Back To Reality

And you’re back with me in the present day again. 

As you can see, something as simple as everyone changing their diet could massively impact the earth.

It seems that people would live longer, the earth would suffer less, and animals would find their own balance again in the wild. Really it seems like a win-win for everyone. 

However, it’s impossible to know for certain. And while it’s a nice idea the likelihood of that happening right now is pretty slim.

We are definitely moving closer to a plant-based world as more and more people opt for the diet, but there is still a long way to go. 

For starters, the meat industry receives around 4.4 billion a year in profits and there are many people who are dead against veganism.

But by looking at these projections, it’s hard not to be tempted into joining a movement that could potentially create a safer and more secure earth.

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