What Is In Egg Foo Young?

Egg Foo Young is a recipe which is said to have been created by chefs who had immigrated from China, making it a popular part of Chinese cuisine which is not made that commonly within China, and more by Chinese people who are not living in the country.

What Is In Egg Foo Young?

It is also sometimes referred to as a Chinese omelette. 

A recipe for a standard egg foo young will consist of a simple omelette base which has been pan fried or potentially deep fried, and it will be cooked with different vegetables and meats cooked inside of it.

There are multiple different ways of serving an egg foo young, but the most common is with a delicious savory gravy. 

There are some specific ways in which egg foo young stands out in comparison to a standard western omelette, some of these specific features include:

  • The variety of mixed in ingredients like veggies and meat which will be beaten into the egg mix instead of being added while the dish is cooking
  • No dairy based products like butter or cheese are used when making this type of omelette
  • The omelette is instead cooked in a plant based oil
  • The most common way to home cook it is to pan fry it, however, restaurants will tend to deep fry it since this usually makes it taste better
  • Instead of folding the egg foo young, it is served flat similar to a pancake
  • The gravy which egg foo young is served with is made using standard Chinese ingredients giving it a distinct taste
  • With its distinct savory flavor, it is most commonly served with steamed rice

A reason why egg foo young is so popular is because of how easy and accessible it is to make which means it is an option which everyone can make easily. It is also popular for how easy it is to adapt and adjust to match your taste.

This article will give you all the information you need about egg foo young, so if you have any more questions about this Chinese omelette, then keep reading!

What Is Egg Foo Young Composed Of?

As you can tell from the name, egg foo young was egg in it, but what else goes inside this delicious dish? While there is no set standard recipe, there are some ingredients which are commonly used to get a cook result.

For example, one of the best ingredient combinations to get a delicious flavorful egg foo young is to use; raw shrimp, bean sprouts, chicken which as already been cooked, scallions, and carrots!

However, this is just a vague guide, and you can choose to include whatever you want!

Choosing Your Own Fillings

So, when it comes to people being told they can use whatever filling they want, sometimes this amount of choice can be overwhelming, so what is the best guideline to follow when it comes to choosing a filling for an egg foo young?

  • We recommend trying to use about 1 or 2 different types of protein. When it comes to choosing protein, if it is a meat which usually takes a while to cook or is dangerous if uncooked, make sure it is already cooked before using it, whereas if it is a type of meat or protein which usually does not need long to cook like shrimp, fish, squid, or tofu, you can add it in raw.
  • As well as the protein, you should try and include around 2 or 3 types of vegetables to add a good flavor variety and texture to the egg foo young. We love using particularly crunchy vegetables since they are usually easy to cook and give good texture, for example; bean sprouts, carrot, peppers, scallions, mushrooms, cabbage, courgette or zucchini, or water chestnuts.

When preparing your ingredient, try and make sure they are diced (except bean sprouts since they work well with their normal shape) so they will mix in easily with the eggs. This will also mean that the egg foo young will cook more evenly as well.

Ingredient Ratio

While you can eyeball making egg foo young since it is not a standardized recipe, we do recommend trying to follow a ratio guideline when making it for the first time just to ensure the best results.

We recommend no more than a 1:2 ratio for eggs to ingredients, this will make sure that your egg will not be overloaded with add ins and will still be able to cook.

If you use too many add-ins your egg will likely fall apart and not be able to be served properly.

How To Fry It

What Is In Egg Foo Young?

After combining your mix of eggs with the rest of the ingredients, all you need to do is fry the mix in some oil to make sure it is cooked.

The best texture to aim for with an egg foo young is to have it be a little crispy on the outside while still being nice and tender inside. The best way to achieve this is to pay close attention to the heat.

You can fry your egg foo young easily by ensuring that your pan has gotten hot before putting the mix in but then lowering it for a more even cook once the eggs are in.

This might be difficult depending on your hob, but should be easy with enough practice.

After the egg has been whisked with the ingredients and a little bit of salt, heat your wok to a high heat and then but in enough oil to cover the wok’s bottom, or if you are using non-stick pans add the oil once the heat is on, then add your egg mix.

Once this is in put the temperature down to medium low then fry until each side is golden brown.


Once you have finished frying your egg foo young you can serve it with the traditional gravy made from traditional Chinese condiments, alongside light steamed rice!

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