What Does Active Calories Mean On Apple Watch?

When it comes to tracking how many calories you burned throughout the day, there are several popular options out there.

Somedevices  track everything automatically while others require manual input. But what about those devices that offer both automatic and manual calorie counting?

What Does Active Calories Mean On Apple Watch

Apple Watch estimates how many calories you’ve burned based on the number of steps taken each day.

This is because Apple says that Active Calorie counts are always less than total calorie counts because we burn calories whatever we do, even when resting. 

No Exercise?

If you’ve ever wondered why you feel tired after a long day, there’s probably a good reason.  After all, how could sitting around doing nothing make you feel exhausted?

Well, it turns out that burning calories doesn’t require much effort. In fact, most of us burn a few thousand calories a day without realising it.

The problem is that we often associate exercise with physical activity like running, cycling, lifting weights, and playing sports. And while those activities certainly help us lose weight and keep fit they aren’t necessary to burn calories.

We can burn calories simply by moving around. Just walking around burns roughly 200 calories per hour. If you walk briskly, you’ll burn up to 400 calories in 30 minutes.

Even if you’re sitting at work, you can burn calories simply by standing up every half hour. Standing burns about 300 calories an hour, while sitting burns only 150 calories an hour.

So, if you stand up for 10 minutes every half hour, you’ll burn 2,500 calories during the course of the day.

And if you want to see what happens when you stop exercising, try taking a nap.Because sleeping takes up a lot of energy, napping actually helps you conserve energy.

Advantages Of Apple Watch

Advantages Of Apple Watch

The Apple Watch Series 4 now includes a feature called Activity Trends that allows you to see how many calories you’ve burned over the course of your day.

You can view your active calorie count, passive calorie count, and total calorie count. You can also: 

Track Activity

Your Apple Watch tracks your activity throughout the day. You’ll see the number of rings you complete, along with your daily goal count. If you want to track your progress toward closing rings, tap on the Rings tab.

Here, you’ll find a list of your rings and the days remaining until you finish them. Tap on one of the rings to view information about it. For example, you might learn how many miles you walked over the course of the week.

Tap on Daily Goal to set a new goal or switch up your current goal. Each ring has three options: Walk, Bike, Run; Swim, Workout, Sleep. Choose one and tap Set Goal to begin tracking your progress.

You can also use the Activity app to check out your ring progress on your iPhone. Open the app and select Ring Progress.

There, you’ll see your ring count and the number of days left until you achieve your goal. You can also choose to add a new ring.


The Move ring appears next to the clock icon on the home screen. When it lights up, it tells you how many active calories you’ve burned today.

If you want to earn more points, complete your daily Move goal by walking or running 10 miles, biking 30 miles, or doing strength training three times. This helps you reach the Move goal faster.

You can also earn more points by getting kids involved. Kids under age 13 can use the app to track activity and earn Move credits. They can do things like play outside, ride bikes, go to dance class, or take part in sports teams.

Parents can set goals for their kids, too, such as walking five miles each week or playing one hour of video games each night.


The Exercise ring shows how many total minutes of brisk activity you’ve completed during the week. You can track your progress towards meeting your weekly goals by completing your daily Exercise goal.

To complete your daily goal, simply add up all of the minutes you exercised over the course of the day. For example, if you walked three miles today, you’d count those miles toward your daily goal.

If you walk five days per week, you’ll have met your weekly goal after four weeks.


Ring & “Roll” Ring – How To Earn Points For Standing Up And Moving Around”The Stand ring shows hours in days when you’ve stood and moved around for at least one minute.

You’ll see how many points you earned each hour. Complete your daily Stand goal and earn bonus points.

Complete your daily Stand goal by spending at least one minute standing up and moving around during 12 different hours in a day.

Even if you stand all morning, afternoon, evening, and night, you still need to push around to earn credit for pushing. If you specify that you’re a wheelchair user, the Stand ring switches into the Roll ring.

The Roll ring shows hours in days in which you’ve rolled for at least one minute.

If you spend at least one minute rolling around during 12 different hours, you’ll earn bonus points.

Benefits Of Exercise

Regular exercise and physical activity may help you control your weight, prevent obesity, and reduce your risk of heart disease.

Exercise helps strengthen your heart and improve your circulation. It increases your overall fitness level and reduces stress.

Start slowly. If you’re just beginning an exercise program, begin by walking for 10 minutes at least three times per week.  The apple watch will help you achieve this.

You can gradually increase the length of time you walk each day or add other exercises such as swimming, running, biking, or strength training.


If you are a fitness enthusiast Investing in an Apple watch is well worth it if you want to track your health and fitness. it helps you feel more in control and encourages you to set goals creating a great sense of achievement.

Jenna Priestly