What Does 1600 Calories Look Like?

Calories are in just about everything that we eat or drink every day. Unfortunately, it can sometimes be difficult to work out (and track) just how many calories you need to consume to either maintain, lose, or gain weight.

While meal planning can keep you on track with your eating, you must know exactly what your appropriate caloric intake is each day.

What 1600 Calorie Look Like

This will give you a better idea of the amounts – and types – of food that you can eat.

If you want to know more about what 1600 calories look like in a typical day, you’ve come to the right place!

This article contains relevant information and a meal plan guide for you to take a look at if you don’t know where to start.

Average Daily Calorie Intakes

The average daily calorie amount for a woman typically ranges anywhere from 1,600 to 2,000 calories whereas this number is significantly higher for men and is usually between 2,000 and 2,400 calories. 

If weight loss is the goal, a range from 1,500 to 1,800 calories is deemed as a pretty safe daily calorie amount. However, this figure depends on the activity level of the individual, and their current weight.

For instance, an athlete may need over 3,000 calories a day to supplement their activity levels, whereas an older or more sedentary individual will require a calorie amount that is at the lower end of the range.

Remember: everyone has a different recommended daily calorie intake! 

Things To Know About Nutrition

You can eat whatever you want and still lose weight if you remain within your specified calorie range.

This may be a bit more difficult if you do not eat more nutrient-dense foods as you’re likely to be hungry far more often. 

Eating mainly nutritious foods will help you to feel energized, satiated, and strong — even if you are sticking to a 1,600-calorie diet.

Not all calories are created equal.

There are many foods you may enjoy that are simply empty calories that provide the energy you need but without the necessary vitamins, minerals, and fiber you need for healthy and sustainable energy levels.

Is It Healthy To Eat 1600 Calories Each Day?

If you are trying to lose some weight, following a meal plan with an average of 1,600 calories a day is a very healthy way to do it.

Of course, more active individuals will require more to supplement the additional activity, but this is generally a pretty good calorie level to stick to.

It’s important to note that 1,600 calories might not be effective for everyone. However, this range of calories will most likely promote some sort of weight loss or weight maintenance in various individuals. 

Despite this, one thing is certain: for the average full-time adult, 1,600 calories is a pretty healthy amount of calories to eat every day.

What A Typical 1600 Calorie Day May Look Like

What A Typical 1600 Calorie Day May Look Like

You don’t need to follow a specific plan to stick within the 1600-calorie range, but some people often find it much easier to begin with.

This is because all calories are measured out for you and you simply need to stick to the numbers.

If you want more of an idea about what 1600 calories look like in a typical day, we’ve come up with some potential meals below.


You can start your day the right way and work to prevent overeating at the next meal of the day with a balanced breakfast.

You should aim to consume around 400-500 calories in the morning with a mix of protein, carbohydrates, healthy fats, and fruit or vegetables.

A great breakfast option for a 1,600 daily calorie diet may include a two-egg omelet with cheddar cheese and sliced mushrooms served with half an avocado, and also cooked in butter. 

This sort of protein-rich breakfast will be very filling and will kick-start your energy levels for the day. Plus, it’ll hover around the 500-calorie mark, meaning you have plenty of calories left for the day!


At lunchtime, you will want to take in the bulk of your calories. Again, we’d recommend anywhere from 500 to 650 calories.

A filling and healthy lunch in terms of a 1,600-calorie meal plan may include two cups of mixed greens topped with three ounces of tuna, one hard-boiled egg, an ounce of feta cheese, and two tablespoons of a salad dressing.

This combo will add another 493 calories to your day.

You may also want to consider having soup and some bread to dip in, which will set you back around 300-400 calories depending on the types of ingredients that you choose.


For dinner, you might have four ounces of salmon served with 1 1/2 cups of steamed broccoli and 1/2 cup of mashed sweet potatoes, tossed in one tablespoon of olive oil, and also one tablespoon of Parmesan.

This may clock in at around the 500-calorie mark.

Your daily total with these meals will be set at around 1,450-1,500 calories. This leaves some room to add in some snacks.


A deliciously healthy snack will also fill the gap between meals, leaving you less likely to graze on unhealthy foods.

If you opt to leave some extra calories from your main meals during the day, these are best spent on snacks. 

For just 183 calories, you can enjoy a serving of sliced strawberries and non-fat Greek yogurt.

Stick To Low-Calorie Drinks

While the occasional coffee or cup of tea won’t set you back significantly in terms of your daily calories, you will benefit from sticking mainly to water as it has zero calories. You could also opt for some low-calorie sodas.


A total calorie intake of 1,600 calories is pretty sustainable for the average adult.

You can enjoy three hearty meals and some low-calorie snacks throughout the day which will keep you feeling sustained and full of energy.

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