What Chinese Food Is Gluten-Free?

Chinese food is one of the most popular cuisines in the whole world, and it’s no surprise as to why! There are so many beautiful flavors and dishes for you to enjoy and they all work so well.

What Chinese Food Is Gluten-Free?

When you are on a gluten-free diet though, it can be quite difficult to work out what Chinese food is ok to eat. Lots of Chinese food, unfortunately, contains gluten, so you really have to be vigilant when choosing your meal.

It might surprise you to learn that there are still quite a few gluten-free options available when it comes to Chinese food and we’re going to go over them now! So let’s get started.

What Chinese Food Is Gluten-Free?

You will have to scale back on what you order and your selection will be more limited, but there are still plenty of delicious options when it comes to gluten-free Chinese food.

It is important to bear in mind that most of these dishes aren’t actually gluten-free, but they can certainly be adapted!

You might not have much luck ordering from a restaurant if you want these foods gluten-free, but you will be able to cook them at home for yourself!

Some Chinese foods that can be adapted into gluten-free alternatives include fried rice, sweet and sour chicken, Chow-mein, dumplings, spring rolls, prawn crackers, and Kung Pao chicken.

Let’s take a closer look at these dishes now so you know what to expect when you make them!

Prawn Crackers

Starting with prawn crackers, these are usually used as a side dish for Chinese food. Prawn crackers are usually made using tapioca flour instead of wheat flour, which means they are usually gluten-free.

This is the only truly gluten-free dish on this list, which means they will usually be safe to eat at restaurants too. If you are ever concerned about prawn crackers containing gluten, just ask when you are at the restaurant.

Everything else on this list isn’t naturally gluten-free like prawn crackers, so this is the only “true” gluten-free option on the list.

Fried Rice

Fried Rice

Fried rice is usually made with eggs and vegetables, but you can also make it with different meats too.

It might surprise you to learn that rice by itself is usually gluten-free, but fried rice is definitely not. This is usually because it contains sauces that are not gluten-free. You can adapt this dish at home though so it will be safe to eat on a gluten-free diet.

Sweet And Sour Chicken

Almost all sweet and sour chicken recipes contain gluten, so they aren’t usually safe to eat if you are on a gluten-free diet. If you want to have some sweet and sour chicken for yourself, then the only safe way is to make it yourself.

Luckily though, it’s a lot easier to do than it might appear. You can make your own sweet and sour sauce from scratch using tomato ketchup, sugar vinegar, ginger, and cornstarch.

Once you have made the sauce, all you need to do next is add the chicken! It’s really that simple!


Chow-mein, like most of the other dishes on this list, is not usually gluten-free. It is a dish that is usually made with noodles, and that’s where the gluten comes from. If you want some Chow-mein, then you can easily make it at home using gluten-free noodles.

If you have never purchased gluten-free noodles before, you can get hold of them online and in supermarkets and they aren’t too hard to find. Gluten-free Chow-mein tastes just as good as the regular dish as well, so it’s worth trying at home!


Dumplings are delicious little treats found in Asian cuisine that are usually made of a filling wrapped in a soft dough. Unfortunately, dumplings are not usually gluten-free. The dough itself is where most of the gluten is found.

Luckily though, there are plenty of gluten-free dumpling recipes available, and they are super easy to find and make. Most gluten-free dumpling recipes use a gluten-free dough and you can experiment with different fillings too.

Homemade dumplings are pretty easy to make as well, so if you get the chance to make them, you definitely should!

Spring Rolls

Usually served as a starter, Spring Rolls are traditionally made with wheat flour, which unfortunately stops them from being gluten-free. The filling varies in its gluten levels because some fillings might contain it, while others might not.

Vegetable spring rolls are usually completely gluten-free in terms of filling, and the filling can vary from carrots, bean sprouts, mushrooms, and cabbage.

There are quite a few gluten-free spring roll recipes out there if you want to have a go at making them for yourself. It might seem like a complicated dish to make at first, but once you get going, you will see that it’s quite a simple process!

The end results are delicious as well, and you won’t be able to tell that they aren’t gluten.

Kung Pao Chicken

And finally, we have Kung Pao Chicken. This is a delicious, spicy dish that is made with a sauce that contains Chinese black vinegar, which is where the vast majority of the gluten can be found in this dish.

When it comes to making a gluten-free alternative, you will be happy to know that there are quite a few gluten-free recipes available online, and they aren’t too hard to find or follow.

Once you try homemade Kung Pao Chicken for yourself, you will definitely find yourself making it again and again.


Though most Chinese foods are filled with gluten, there are plenty of alternative gluten-free recipes out there for you to try.

It’s very likely that other dishes we haven’t mentioned have their own gluten-free alternatives too, so don’t be afraid to have a look at them!

You will love these gluten-free alternatives to some classic dishes and once you try them for the first time, they will become a regular part of your meal plan! Give them a try today!

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