What Bread Is Best For Weight Loss?

When it comes to dieting, many people often have the most difficulty trying to get a healthy amount of bread in their diet.

What Bread Is Best For Weight Loss?

With so many kinds of bread being high in carbohydrates and calories, these, despite their soft and tasty goodness, can often be the bane of trying to cut down your caloric intake.

But it is that same deliciousness that makes them so hard to drop from so many people’s diets!

However, just because many kinds of bread add too much to your waist, doesn’t mean that you have to cut out bread entirely from your diet.

After all, carbs are still a vital part of any healthy diet, even if they can be a little easy on adding pounds to our guts.

And that also means you’ll be missing out on a hearty slice of bread, trying to completely cut out bread from your diet can be a test of willpower that so many of us just won’t be able to beat.

So, one of the alternatives that many people choose to go with when they are dieting to try and lose weight is to instead simply switch the type of bread they eat.

Not only is this easier than outright giving up a whole food group, but it also allows experience some new flavors in your bread that you otherwise may have missed.

This is what we are going to do here!

In this guide, we are going to show you some of the best bread that you can switch to (if you already haven’t) to help with your weight-loss journey.

Whole Grain Bread

Starting off this guide with probably one of the most popular types of bread on this list, we have whole grain bread.

This particular variety of bread is famous for its heartiness, being a tasty mouthful with every bite you take, whilst also being very chewy (and a good workout for your jaw!).

The main issue that many whole grain bread loaves face, when it comes to being a good weight loss bread, is that it can sometimes be high in calories, which somewhat defeats the point of the diet!

However, a well-made loaf of whole grain bread can still pack as little as 60 calories in a single slice, meaning that you can still use a good loaf of whole grain bread in your diet.

Plus, the high amount of fiber and nutrients found in this loaf means that it helps promote good gut culture and digestion, and even lowers the chance of you contracting cardiovascular disease.

Whole Wheat Bread

Whole Wheat Bread

Another very popular alternative to plain old white bread, whole wheat bread uses plenty of bran and endosperm wheat, which makes it a much healthier option as a flour base than the refined flour that is used in many white bread loaf recipes.

This more rustic recipe for a bread loaf means that you’ll be packing more nutrients than your typical loaf of white bread.

These nutrients help promote heart health, as well as reduce the risk of contracting type 2 diabetes.

Plus, the texture of this type of bread is probably the most similar to refined white bread that you will find out there.

If you are struggling with weight loss, but you are unsure of what other type of bread you should be trying to replace your old favorite, this variety will be a much easier transition for you.

Sprouted Grain

If you are someone who has just found out that they have a gluten sensitivity, but still want to be eating bread whilst you are dieting, we would like to introduce you to a type of bread known as sprouted grain.

This type of bread is named after the fact that the grins that would ordinarily simply be put into the flour are allowed to sprout first.

This allows the bread to break down some of the proteins and carbs of the flour and adds more vitamins to the mix.

Compared to many other types of bread, sprouted grain is probably one of the healthiest around, more than refined white four bread, and even whole grain loaves.

This variety is packed with plenty of vitamin B and C, as well as plenty of fiber and protein to boot.

Whilst this probably isn’t the best variety in terms of how many calories it has (a single slice of this loaf has around 80 calories per slice), it is still generally a healthier option than many traditional refined white bread loads, thanks to its extra nutrients.

Sourdough Bread

Sourdough bread has been a variety that has been baked for decades, but is only recently starting to get widespread recognition for being one of the most flavor-packed and healthiest varieties there is out there!

The fermentation process that breaks down the starch in the flour used for this recipe gives it several healthy qualities that made it a very popular type of bread to learn how to bake, especially during the pandemic.

Each slice of sourdough bread usually contains around 90 calories, which is quite a lot for a slice of bread!

However, sourdough also contains plenty of other nutrients, including a lot of fiber too, which help promote a healthier gut and digestive system, thanks to the probiotics found in it.

Oat Bread

Finally, we have probably one of the healthiest varieties on this list, oat bread is a great alternative for those looking for a very hearty and nutrient-packed loaf!

Not only is there fiber in this loaf, but you’ll also find lots of zinc and vitamin B, and iron here too, which help regulate cholesterol and blood pressure.

Final Thoughts

The only problem you’re going to face now is picking just one of these loaves to stick with!

Jenna Priestly