Is Yogurt Dairy Free?

If you are following a dairy-free lifestyle, whether this be for medical reasons, or whether you are doing this diet voluntarily, people often wonder if yogurt is dairy-free, or if it contains dairy and should therefore be avoided.

This post is all about dairy-free yogurt, how accessible it is, and just how much yogurt contains dairy, and how much does not.

Is Yogurt Dairy Free?

Whether if you have been dairy-free for a long time, or if you are just getting started with this diet, there are lots of foods which are difficult to work out whether they are dairy free or not.

One food which a lot of people get confused about is yogurt and whether you can eat this or not. Many people have yogurt as a basis for many meals, like in a granola, or as a side dish, and occasionally it is even used in baking.

Because of its versatility, many people hope that they will be able to continue using yogurt in their day-to-day life.

So, keep reading and find out which yogurt is dairy-free and which are not!

So, Is Yogurt Dairy Free?

For something to be specified as containing dairy, this means that it has an ingredient in it which comes from the milk of an animal. Unfortunately a lot of yogurt is made using cow’s milk.

There are some yogurts which are made with alternate types of dairy or milk, but for the most part, if you see a yogurt in a store, it most likely contains dairy and will not be a good choice for a dairy free diet.

However, these substitutes are getting more and more easy to find, so if you do not want to abandon yogurt because of being on a dairy-free diet, do not worry, as we will go through some of the best options here.

What Is The Best Dairy Free Substitute For Yogurt?

So, since you now know that most of the yogurt you enjoy is made using dairy, you likely want to know what the best dairy-free alternatives are for enjoying yogurt. 

You will likely find an increase of dairy-free yogurts in stores since there have been more and more accommodations made for this diet in recent years, so if you look close enough, you should be able to find these products. 

If you are dairy-free, you likely already have a favorite milk alternative, and luckily, a lot of these yogurts are made with these milk substitutes, so if you know which one you like the most, you will hopefully be able to find a yogurt substitute which uses your favorite milk substitute so you can match your taste. 

You will be able to find yogurt which has been made from all different types of dairy-free substitutes, for example; almond milk, cashew milk, coconut milk, macadamia milk, oat milk, and soy milk to name a few.

So whichever of these milk alternatives you like, you will hopefully enjoy the yogurt substitute which is made from it.

These are just a few of the yogurt substitutes you will be able to find. Some of these are closer to standard yogurt than others since some milk substitutes just work better.

So, we recommend trying out a few different brands, especially if you know what you are looking for, so you can find something close enough to what you want.

Where To Get Dairy Free Yogurt?

Is Yogurt Dairy Free?

If your grocery store is big enough, you should be able to find dairy-free yogurt there, and more and more stores are giving shoppers more choices.

However, if your store does not have them, hopefully you will have a health food store close enough to you which will keep them in stock.

These stores will likely have a lot more choice in flavors, but they could be more expensive, so try and find a yogurt which you enjoy the taste of, but can afford to eat regularly.

Sometimes finding a reliable source for these products can be difficult, but if you live close enough to a big grocery store, or a health food store, or both, you should be fine!

The Best Dairy Free Yogurts

So, which of the dairy-free yogurt options are the best? As you can imagine, this comes down to your preference, not just for the yogurt, but the milk substitute it has been made from as well.

As most people know, different milk substitutes have their own flavor, which is sometimes subtle or sometimes more noticeable.

So, the yogurt which is made from these milk substitutes is the same, and you will likely be able to taste the milk flavor in the yogurt.

So, when looking for a dairy-free yogurt, you will want to keep an eye out for the brands which use a milk substitute which you are fond of.

How To Make Dairy Free Yogurt

If you do not want to be stuck shelling out a premium for dairy-free yogurt, many people have started making their own dairy-free yogurt, and this is surprisingly not as difficult as it sounds.

To do this you will want your dairy free milk of choice, a starter culture, or a probiotic supplement, a thickener like arrowroot starch or gelatin, and some sugar.

Some of these ingredients are more accessible than others, so finding some of these could be a challenge.

To make the process simple you could invest in a yogurt maker, but these can be quite expensive, but making it in a more traditional way is also viable, so make sure to research the option which suits you best!


When it comes to being dairy-free, doing your research is important and will ensure that you are not accidentally going to end up eating dairy.

So while some people will think that yogurt is dairy-free, hopefully you now know that only certain specific yogurts are dairy-free.

Make sure to look out for brands which explicitly advertise this, because if they do not, it is likely that they are not dairy-free.

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