Is White Wine Good For You?

White wine is an alcoholic beverage that is made from grapes that undergo a process of fermentation. So, the question on everyone’s lips is: is white wine good for you? It is made from grapes, after all! 

Is White Wine Good For You

White wine is very popular in lots of countries, specifically those which have four seasons, such as the US and Europe. 

White wine is made from the natural grape, and so it does contain some nutrients. Let’s take a look at whether white wine is good for you. 

Is White Wine Good Or Bad For You?

Like anything, white wine is not good for you. However, having a glass of wine here or there does have some great health benefits that are worth taking a look at. 

Benefits Of White Wine 

Nutrients In White Wine

White wine contains many different minerals and vitamins that are necessary for your body. For instance, white wine contains 3% of magnesium, providing your body with an essential mineral.

In one glass of wine, there are also small amounts of calcium, iron, zinc and potassium. White wine also contains vitamin B2, B6 and B3.

However, drinking white wine in excess will counteract the benefits of these vitamins and minerals, so make sure you consume the wine in moderation. 

Weight Loss 

If you are on a diet, white wine has much fewer calories than some other wines. Red wine is much higher in calories. Drinking white wine in moderation is better for your weight loss journey than other alcoholic drinks. 

Better Sleep

A lot of people think that drinking a glass of white wine before bed will improve your sleep. It relaxes your body, allowing you to wind down and have a better night’s sleep. 

Heart Health

By no means is drinking white wine in excess good for your heart health, however, it has been found that white wine contains some level of antioxidants which can improve the ventricular recovery of the heart. 

Red wine has a very high antioxidant content, too. It offers the body cardioprotective benefits.

Red wine tends to have higher antioxidant levels than white wine because it is made with the skin of the grapes, whereas white wine is not. The skin of the grapes have a lot of antioxidants in them. 

Lowers Your Risk Of Stroke 

Strokes are very common and they are a leading cause of death across the world. A stroke occurs when the blood supply to your brain gets interrupted and your brain cells die as a result. 

There are two types of strokes. These are known as ischemic and hemorrhagic. Ischemic strokes are the most common form and they are caused by a blood clot in the brain.

It has been found that moderate alcohol consumption is associated with lowering the risks of ischemic stroke.

Is It Okay To Drink Wine Everyday?

There are some health benefits to drinking wine, however, it is very important to remember that drinking alcohol too often, or too much can cause harm.

If you drink more than one glass of white wine a day, you can experience the following negative effects: 

Poor Sleep 

While it is commonly believed that drinking wine everyday before bed can help you sleep, this is untrue.

Alcohol doesn’t help you sleep. Instead, it means that you do not experience a normal sleep cycle, and it causes you to wake up feeling very tired. 

Weight Gain 

Alcohol contains quite a lot of calories. If you are drinking it in excess, this may result in weight gain. It can also slow down your metabolism as your body may find it difficult to process the alcohol.

Liver Damage 

If you drink too much alcohol over a period of time, you could damage your liver. Your liver breaks down alcohol and drinking too much can lead to very serious health complications.

Acid Reflux

White wine contains a lot of acid and it can cause there to be a lot of acidity in your stomach. Drinking too much white wine can trigger acid reflux which can cause a burning sensation in your chest, and heartburn.


Alcohol is a very addictive substance and alcohol addiction is a very serious problem. Ensure you stay on top of your alcohol intake and remain in control of how much you are drinking and when.

What Is The Difference Between White And Red Wine?

White and red wine taste different and have many different characteristics, including their impact on your health. Both white and red wines are made from the juice of grapes. 

For white wine, the grapes are pressed and the juice is collected from the grapes, however, the skins are removed. Red wine is made in the same way, however the skins are left on the grapes.

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This is what makes red wine red, and it also contains important compounds that are not present in white wine because of the removal of the skin. For instance, red wine contains tannins and phenols.

Red wine is considered to be better for you than white wine for this reason.

How Much Wine Can You Drink Before It Becomes Damaging?

If you want to drink white wine for the health benefits that it can provide, it is very important to drink it in moderation.

It is recommended that you drink no more than one drink a day for women and 2 drinks a day for men. 

You should also remember that the alcohol content of wine will vary between different wines. Alcohol is toxic for your body and it can be very damaging to drink too much.

The toxicity very quickly outweighs any benefits of white wine consumption, and it is very important to remember this when you are drinking.

Final Thoughts 

So, white wine in moderation does have many different health benefits. However, it is important to limit your consumption of white wine as there are also some health risks involved in drinking too much white wine.

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