Is Ghost Protein Good?

Getting a nice physique can be a challenge. For starters, you have to work out a look and make sure you are doing the right workouts.

Is Ghost Protein Good

But generally, consistent exercise and a good workout routine is not going to actually achieve anything unless you are following a good diet.

Proper diets are the fuel that our body uses and the material upon which it builds muscle. As such, you need to have a good variety of nutrients entering your body throughout the day.

However, the most important nutrient to grow muscles is protein. There are a wide variety of proteins and protein products to eat and consume, but people speak especially well of ghost protein.

Not many people know exactly what ghost protein is though, and even fewer know much more than its name. So what is ghost protein? Is it any good? Today we are going to find this out.

What Is Ghost Protein?

Ghost protein is actually a brand and variety of whey protein powder that is often used by people who are intending to bulk up or gain muscle mass.

Whey protein powder is a mixture of proteins that are isolated from whey, which is a kind of liquid by-product that is created as part of the cheese making process.

When the milk is curdled, it will form into curds – which eventually will be turned into cheese – and whey, which is strained away from the curds themselves.

While it is originally part of milk, whey is not that high in fat or cholesterol compared to other forms of dairy, however it has an enormously high protein count, making it perfect for gaining muscle mass.

With bodybuilding and gaining muscles being as popular today as it ever has been, the belief that whey protein will help a person gain mass is something that has continued to guide the industry.

Ghost protein is a brand of whey powder that has gained a large following in the last few years and has continued to grow since its humble beginnings.

Ghost protein has branding and marketing that is not as intense as other proteins, tending to use silly images and bright colors to attract attention.

However, the protein itself is branded as being kept as simple as possible according to the company’s moniker, with the idea being that adding a lot of different things to the protein may help muscle gain but be bad for the body in general.

Is Ghost Protein Good?

Good Things About Ghost Protein

If you are buying Ghost protein to help build your muscle mass, then it is as good as any whey protein.

It provides your body with 25 grams of protein to help your body recover strength and muscle tissue after exercising and should you incorporate it into a healthy regime then you will see results.

However, this is the case for most high quality protein powders – as you would hope – and considering it passes that benchmark, it might be worth looking at some other factors as well.

For starters, another benefit of Ghost protein is the taste. The taste of most whey protein powders is not great, let’s be honest.

Half the time it tastes like fake flavor with a hint of cheese, and the other half it tastes overwhelmingly like the flavor that has been added to it.

Since we are not consuming protein powder for the taste, this is not really an issue, but it is still a gripe that could be improved upon.

Most people buy chocolate flavor powder because the rest are fairly unbearable to a lot of people.

However, the flavor of Ghost protein is cereal milk, and it works really well. It tastes really nice and kind of tricks you into believing you are drinking a glass of flavored milk or milkshake, which is perfect.

Bad Things About Ghost Protein

Unfortunately, just because Ghost does what it says it will do, and it tastes nice, it doesn’t mean that it is going to be the best protein powder out.

In fact, there are many reasons that people avoid this powder entirely, and they tend to be good ones.

The main gripe people have is the ingredients in the powder.

For all that Ghost says they are keeping things simple to not hurt the body too much, there seems to be a lot of things in their powder which you may want to keep out of your stomach.

Sugar, partially hydrogenated cottonseed oil, high fructose corn syrup, and additives all make an appearance on the ingredient list when there is really no need.

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Considering that sugar and corn syrup are pure carbohydrates and insanely bad for you, they should never be within five feet of a powder unless the consumer wants to add them.

While those could be seen to be added for flavor, the additives are the really bizarre ones. These are artificial flavorings and digestive enzymes.

The artificial flavorings completely contradict their branding and could be a cause for toxicity concerns if you consume the protein.

The digestive enzymes, though, we genuinely have no idea why these are in a protein powder. It might be to help absorb the lactose better, but there is not really an explanation anywhere. It just seems they added it for no purpose.

As you can see, despite what Ghost protein says, they add a lot of chemicals and unnecessary ingredients for something supposedly so simple – something which is fuelling a class action lawsuit against them.

The Verdict

It may be tempting to use Ghost protein powder as your whey protein of choice, but it might be best to give it a miss. It isn’t great and although it might taste great, it might hurt your body in the long run.


If you look at Ghost protein powder briefly as a protein powder, then it is okay, but if you take a closer look then you will realize that it is not a good protein powder and has a lot of problems. As such, it might be best to give this protein powder a miss.

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