Is A Protein Shake Good For Breakfast?

If you are working on a pretty tight schedule, but you still want something good and nutrition for breakfast, a choice many people make is to start their day with a protein shake.

The benefits seem to be clear, protein shakes are a portable, quick to prepare, and nutritious drink.

They are also incredibly versatile with a different type of protein shake available for every type of lifestyle, and you can always find one to fit your tastes.

Is A Protein Shake Good For Breakfast?

There is also evidence that starting your day with a protein shake is a great way to give your workout routine a boost as well as aid in weight loss efforts.

While these benefits are all clear, this does not mean that protein shakes are a perfect choice, and there are some clear issues which should be addressed!

If you are considering having protein shakes for breakfast but want to assess how useful this will be, make sure to keep reading!

Benefits Of Drinking A Protein Shake For Breakfast

While there are plenty of benefits to drinking a protein shake for breakfast, here are some of the most important and obvious to mention.

A Convenient And Quick Breakfast

Perhaps one of the most convincing reasons to drink protein shakes for breakfast is just how convenient they are to drink and how much time you can save from making a more demanding breakfast.

You can make some more complicated protein shakes which have more inclusions, but for the most part protein shakes will not require that much time or effort to get ready to drink.

This is perfect for if you usually rush when getting ready in the morning.

You can even portion your ingredients ahead of time, so you can put the drink together even quicker to make your morning routine as convenient and efficient as possible if you enjoy the concept of meal prepping.

If you need something which you can eat on the go, there are few choices as convenient as protein shakes.

Will Keep You Feeling Pretty Full

Protein shakes are a great strategy for breakfast if you hate having to fight off cravings throughout the rest of the day as they keep you full for a pretty long time and will help hold you over until you get to lunch.

There have even been studies showing that protein is more effective at helping you stave off hunger rather than carbohydrates, so having a protein heavy breakfast like a protein shake is a great way to stop yourself from getting too hungry between meals.

It is also a great way to help your blood sugar control and decrease any symptoms of low blood sugar levels you may be feeling.

Will Include More Nutrients Than Lots Of Alternate Breakfasts

Finally, protein is a great way to get nutrients into your diet due to how versatile they are.

You can blend plenty of different vegetables or fruits into your protein shake to make it even more nutritious, and you could even include supplements if that is how you prefer getting your nutrients.

You can also add ingredients like seeds, nuts, yogurt, spices, and herbs for another method of getting these nutrients in your diet.

So Is A Protein Shake A Good Breakfast Choice?

So Is A Protein Shake A Good Breakfast Choice?

Yes! Protein shakes are a convenient and nutritious way to have a filling breakfast, and if you fit them into a healthy balanced diet, they will work wonders!

Effects Having A Protein Shake For Breakfast Will Have On Weight Loss

There have been many studies that an increased protein intake usually helps with weight loss efforts.

The main reason for this is that an increased intake of protein is a great way to increase your levels of metabolism which is a great way to help you burn through your calories which you have eaten.

Increased protein levels have also been shown to reduce the feeling of hunger due to the effects it has on your hormones so if dealing with cravings is an issue for you, this is another reason to increase protein intake.

However, make sure to take into account what you are including in your protein shakes as some common ingredients can be quite calorie dense so make sure to find a good balance.

The Role In Fitness Having A Protein Shake For Breakfast Will Have

Having a protein shake in the morning is a great way to improve your fitness routine as an increase in protein is a great way to aid in muscle and tissue repair which is exactly what you need after a more intense workout.

Protein shakes have also been proven to help with strength and muscle gains which is why they are so popular with bodybuilders.

If you want help reaching fitness goals, protein shakes should help with this!

What Downsides Are There To Having A Protein Shake For Breakfast?

The main issues with protein shakes are that they need to be enjoyed in moderation, and you want to make sure you know what is going into them.

Some of the premade protein shake mixes can be stuffed with artificial sweeteners, fillers, and all sorts of additives that you should not be consuming on a regular basis.

You also do not want to start substituting protein shakes for multiple meals a day as this can detract from a healthy and balanced diet and instead lead to you becoming deficient in certain areas.

This is why you need to balance protein shakes with other foods to make sure that you are staying healthy.

If you are commonly drinking protein shakes, at least know what is in them and how this affects your body.


If you are aware of how the protein shake affects your body and your diet, and the role it plays in a balanced diet, protein shakes make an excellent choice of breakfast, just make sure not to substitute too many meals for this convenient choice!

Jenna Priestly