How Many Calories In Pumpkin Pie?

There are many healthy elements involved in a pumpkin pie as it is made from a vegetable. Like many orange foods, a pumpkin will be full of carotenoids which can decrease inflammation and ward off free radicals. 

However, a pumpkin pie does have many calories as you need to sweeten it up and involve a heavy, sweet pie crust.

How Many Calories In Pumpkin Pie?

While a pumpkin pie may be comparatively healthier than other pies as it does not have a crust over the top, how many calories in pumpkin pie?

In this guide, we will look at the number of calories in a pumpkin pie, the vitamins and nutrients content, as well as the health benefits of pumpkin pie.

How Many Calories In Pumpkin Pie?

For a 133g slice of pumpkin pie, you can expect to find 323 calories. Of that, 58% of those calories will come from the 46g of carbohydrates which is mainly from the 25g of sugars to sweeten up the pumpkin.

Another 36% of the calories come from fat and there is a total of 13g. Of that fat content, most of it is monounsaturated fat (6.1g) with 2.4g being polyunsaturated fat, and 2.6g is saturated fat.  

There is some dispute over that exact calorie breakdown, largely depending on how thick the pie crust is and how much pumpkin pie filling is included.

While you can still expect 323 calories to be included, some base the higher calorie content on fat while others have it as carbohydrates. 

If you were to have a thicker pie crust, you can expect more calories to be from fat, though the majority of calories will still be carbohydrates.

This is largely due to the sugar in the pumpkin pie filling as well as the sugar in the sweet pie crust.

In that one slice of pumpkin pie, you are going to consume around 17% of your recommended daily value (DV) of carbohydrates.

You can also expect to consume 17% of your DV of fat and 12% DV of cholesterol as there will be 35mg. There is also 14% DV of sodium from 318mg though there is 9% DV of dietary fiber as there will be 2.4g present.

In order to burn off the 323 calories from a slice of pumpkin pie, you would have to walk at a pace of 3mph for 87 minutes. If you wanted to go for a run, you should do so for 31 minutes at 6mph.

If you were to cycle at a speed of 10mph, you would need to do so for around 45 minutes or you could swim for around 26 minutes. Each of those estimations is based on an individual weighing around 140 lbs.

The Vitamins And Nutrients Content Of Pumpkin Pie

In terms of vitamins and nutrients, there are a few present in a serving of pumpkin pie as a large part of the dish is a vegetable.

There should be around 145mg of calcium, 288mg of potassium, and 2mg of iron. There is also a healthy 12,431mg of vitamin A, 3mg of vitamin C, and 7g of protein.

For comparison, that’s typically more protein and calcium than the same serving of apple pie which is worth remembering. 

How Many Calories In Pumpkin Pie?

The Health Benefits Of Pumpkin Pie

As a slice of pumpkin pie contains so many water-soluble B vitamins, it may not be as unhealthy as you thought. There is around 20% of your DV of thiamin and vitamin B-12.

There’s also 13% DV of riboflavin, 12% of folate, and 9% of niacin. These vitamins are worth consuming as they will help your vision, your skin, and your neurological health.

They can also help maintain your metabolism, your digestive health, and your appetite. 

The amount of vitamin A is also important as you should be getting close to your recommended daily allowance from a single slice of pumpkin pie.

There is also a decent amount of vitamins K and E, 15% and 7% respectively. 

Put together, vitamins A, E, and K help look after your skin, night vision, mucous membranes, bone and tooth development, as well as blood clotting.

On their own, both vitamins A and E also count as antioxidants that can help prevent several forms of cancer.

Final Thoughts

Due to the high saturated fat, cholesterol, sodium, and total fat content in a slice of pumpkin pie, you may want to reduce your portion size.

You could try making mini pumpkin pies, or have a small slice with some non-fat yogurt instead of cream. 

If you are keen to try pumpkin-based desserts then try making pumpkin muffins instead of pumpkin pie to look after your intake of fat and cholesterol.

The amount of sodium should be a concern too yet it does bring out the taste of the pumpkin so is largely essential to the pie.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Pie Is Healthier; Apple Pie Or Pumpkin Pie?

Thanksgiving is the ideal time to get your pie dish out of the cupboard. Traditionally, pumpkin pie is served at this time of year yet apple pie is also a seasonal favorite.

If you are wondering which one of the two pie varieties is healthier then wonder no more. Due to the single crust, pumpkin pie should be healthier yet both rank relatively highly for calories.

Is Pumpkin Pie Considered Healthy Or Unhealthy?

You will need plenty of winter spices like nutmeg and cinnamon to bring out the taste of pumpkin in a pumpkin pie.

The sugar in the filling and crust can be a concern but there should still be fewer calories than the same amount of sweet potato pie. 

Pumpkins also contain plenty of vitamins and nutrients in a single slice.

These include vitamins A and C as well as carbohydrates, fiber, and potassium while the vegetable can help boost your immunity and reduce the risk of chronic diseases.

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