How Many Calories In Oreo Cookies? [Answered]

Are you oreo mad like me? Whether you’re asking me which cookie is my favorite cookie, asking me to pick a brownie or waffle topping, or the most decadent ice cream flavor, I’m likely to opt for oreo.

How Many Calories In Oreo Cookies? [Answered]

There’s something about those chocolate cookies with a yummy creamy white layer that have an absolute choke hold on me. And I’m sure that you feel the same. 

So, like me, you’ve probably also got three-quarters of the way through a pack and then stopped to think about how many calories you’ve just accidentally scranned.

And, also like me, you may be surprised to find out that those small addictive mouth-sized bite cookies actually pack quite the high caloric punch with over 50 calories per cookie.  

Will that stop me from eating so many so often…the jury’s still out. 

Oreo Nutritional Information 

One Oreo Cookie

If you take a quick look at that famous blue packer, you’ll see that a serving size for Oreos is 3 cookies.

Yes, you read that right, you’re meant to only eat three.

So, the nutritional value on the pack needs to be divided by three for us to find out how much one of these tasty bad boys is going to cost in calories. 

One oreo has just over 53 calories per cookie. Each singular cookie has around 8.3g of carbs, 2.3g of gat, and just 0.67g of protein. 

One Oreo With No Filling

While that creamy white center may be your favorite part of an oreo, it is also without a doubt the unhealthiest part too.

If you have the self-disciple to be able to scrape that away then you’ll be looking at just 20 calories a cookie, 8g of carbs, just 1g of fat, and 0g of protein. 

One Double Stuffed Oreo

Considering we can all agree that the white cream in the middle of an oreo is the best part, it’s no surprise that a cookie with extra filling was soon brought to the market.

However, with double the taste, comes double the calories. 

Just one double-stuffed oreo contains 70 calories, 10.5g of carbs, 3.5g of fat, and just half of a gram of protein. 

Which Oreo Is The Healthiest?


It only takes a quick stroll down the aisle of a grocery store to see that there are many, many different varieties of Oreos.

There are so many different flavors to choose from such as golden Oreos, mint Oreos, strawberry Oreos, Cinnamon Bun Oreos, Birthday Cake Oreos, you name it, it’s probably there (Did you know Oreos are vegan? Read more here).

And with each different flavor comes a new round of nutritional information.

Some Oreos will be a little better for you than others. Emphasis on the little since unfortunately, none of these delicious cookies can really be called healthy. 

Unsurprisingly, Oreo Thins are probably one of your healthiest versions of the cookie, given that they are approximately half as big as an original cookie.

An Oreo Thin has around 35 calories per cookie.

If you’re looking for an Oreo cookie that isn’t half the original size, then your next best bet is probably the Golden Oreos which offer a new and exciting flavor without massively upping the caloric intake.

Each Golden Oreo cookie has approximately 56 calories. 

Then there are the oreo flavors that tip towards the higher end of the scale.

Most new flavors of Oreos are upwards of 70 calories a cookie, and these include Waffles and Syrup Oreos, Cookie Butter Oreos, Firework Oreos, and Blueberry Pie Oreos. 

Personally, though, I think if you want a tasty treat that isn’t going to be on the high end of the scale, the regular Oreo is a fairly good choice.

As long as you can stop yourself from eating the whole packet. 

Are Oreos Healthier Than Other Cookies? 

When it comes to diets and cutting back on calories, healthy swaps are always better than completely restricting yourself.

If you really love a good cookie, then every once in a while you eat a cookie! And if you want to pick a cookie that isn’t too high in calories, then an Oreo isn’t a half-bad option. 

Other popular cookies can pack a much worse caloric punch.

For example, Nuttter Butter Cookies contain over 65 calories, while Little Debbie Oatmeal Cream Pie cookies contain a staggering 170 calories per cookie. 

However, there are also much lower cookies are the market too. A Nilla Wafer will contain as little as 14 calories a cookie.

Chips Ahoy cookies are in a similar range as Oreo cookies containing around 53 calories. 

Ultimately, a diet of cookies is not going to be the epitome of health and you shouldn’t be consuming several packets most nights a week.

But a couple of cookies here and there incorporated into a well-balanced and healthy diet isn’t going to cause any major cause for concern. Everything is fine in moderation. 

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this article has answered the question of how many calories are in an oreo.

We have learned that the standard original pack contains around 53 calories a cookie.

We also learned that this can increase exponentially depending on the flavor of the cookie. 

We have also learned that while Oreo cookies are not exactly the best for you, they aren’t the worst cookie on the market.

And really, if you have a massive cookie-craving, eating an oreo or two really won’t be the end of the world. 

It’s just really important to try and eat them sparingly. Which can be difficult since they’re so addictive and tasty.

My best advice would be to always portion a couple of cookies out onto a plate whenever you’re feeling peckish.

The temptation to devour the entire pack can just be too strong when it’s sat in front of you. 

Just keep in mind that everything is okay in moderation. Don’t restrict yourself completely from the things you enjoy.

Just try to eat them more responsibly and always keep your health in mind.

Jenna Priestly