How Many Calories In Coffee Creamer?

Many of us love to start our day with a good cup of coffee, which helps us to wake up and seize the energy needed for the day ahead.

However, not all of us like to put milk in our coffee, either for dairy-free reasons or because it can be difficult to keep on top of its expiry date (we’ve all been there!). 

How Many Calories In Coffee Creamer

Thankfully, this is where coffee creamer comes in. Coffee creamer acts as a milk substitute, or to replace milk products like cream of half-and-half.

Whatever the case, the creamer provides a dairy-free addition (usually), and even adds a sweeter flavor to the drink.

But what if you’re watching your calories or on a diet? How many calories are in coffee creamer?

Well, it depends on the type of coffee creamer you’re using. There are loads on the market, each with their own calorie count.

If you’re using a regular liquid creamer, then there’s likely to be 20 calories in each serving. On the other hand, a regular powdered creamer will give you about 16 calories per serving.

There are plenty of other types of coffee creamers, and popular coffee creamer brands, to cover though – and we’ve got all the answers in our handy article below! If you want to know how many calories you’re likely to get from your coffee creamer servings, you’ll know by the end of our guide. Read on! 

What Is Coffee Creamer? 

You’ll probably have seen coffee creamer in your local store, where it’s sometimes kept in the refrigerated aisle.

Available in either a liquid form or a powdered form, it’s something that you add to coffee (though they’re available for black tea too) in order to replace milk products such as cream or half-and-half. 

As you can guess, this means that most coffee creamers are free of dairy, but this won’t always be the case, so make sure to check the label.

However, it does last a lot longer than milk products, making it easier to buy and store. This is especially true if you get coffee creamer in the powdered form. 

It will often have a sweet flavor to it, which can change your drink, but each type will vary in how sweet it is.

Coffee creamer is usually made of ingredients like sugar (or a sugar substitute), thickeners, and oil. 

Admittedly, coffee creamer is not the healthiest thing to be having every day, because of its contents.

Some can contain hydrogenated oils, harmful preservatives, corn syrup, and other ingredients.

As a result, you’re not going to be getting antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, all of which would help your health.

As a result, try not to have it daily, because the bad chemicals could really have a poor effect on your health.

How Many Calories In Coffee Creamer?

When it comes to coffee creamers, the amount of calories will vary depending on the type that you have.

There are a handful of different varieties to get, divided into types and brands, so it’s worth covering a lot of them in the hopes that your variety will be there. 

Liquid Coffee Creamers

Liquid Coffee Creamers

If you’re using a coffee creamer that’s in liquid form, then you can get it either in a Regular or a Light variety.

As you might guess, the Light variety is a low fat version, containing a significantly reduced amount of fat to the Regular. As a result, it’s calorie count is also less.

  • A Regular liquid coffee creamer will typically give you 20 calories per serving.
  • A Light liquid coffee creamer will typically give you 10 calories per serving, which is half the amount!

Powdered Coffee Creamers

On the other hand, a powdered coffee creamer will give you different calorie amounts per serving compared to the liquid variety.

Just like the liquid one, though, you can get in in a Regular and Light version, with the Light containing much less fat.

  • A Regular powdered coffee creamer will typically give you 16 calories per serving.
  • A Light powdered coffee creamer will typically give you 13 calories per serving. As you can see, this is sadly barely different to the Regular version, but at least it has the benefit of reduced fat.


Coffee-Mate is one of the most popular coffee creamer brands, and they offer a wide variety of different creamers, all with their own calorie counts. 

Original Coffee Creamer

A tablespoon of the Original coffee creamer from Coffee-Mate should give you about 20 calories

Fat Free Original Creamer

On the other hand, Coffee-Mate does a fat free version. This isn’t just low fat, like the ones we looked at earlier, but completely empty of fat. As a result, a tablespoon of this should give you 10 calories.

Sugar Free Varieties

Coffee-Mate offers some sugar free forms, too. 

  • A tablespoon of their sugar free Hazelnut coffee creamer should give you 15 calories.
  • Their sugar free French Vanilla coffee creamer will also provide 15 calories.

Vanilla Varieties

They also offer a range of Vanilla creamers, all quite high in calorie content.

  • A tablespoon of their regular French Vanilla coffee creamer will give you a high 35 calories
  • Similarly, the same serving of their Cinnamon Vanilla Creme will also give 35 calories.
  • And, once again, their Vanilla Caramel coffee creamer will also give 35 calories

International Delight

Another popular brand is International Delight, who do some traditional flavors, but also have some exotic varieties.

Amaretto Coffee Creamer

If you want your coffee particularly sweet and creamy, this one is a great treat. However, it is calorie-heavy, with a tablespoon offering 40 calories.

Pumpkin Pie Spice Creamer

If it’s fall and you want something that will really fit the cozy season, then this will give your coffee a unique flavor. However, it is calorie-heavy, at 45 calories a tablespoon.

Final Thoughts

There are lots of varieties of coffee creamer to buy, and each has their own calorie counts. Use our guide to better know the calorie intakes!

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