How Many Calories In A Veggie Burger?

There are many different types of veggie burgers with each of them having a different number of calories. Based on the ingredients, veggie burgers can be as low as 90 calories and as many as 500.

How Many Calories In A Veggie Burger?

By definition, a veggie burger is one that consists of no meat. It is plant-based with foods like vegetables, tofu, grains, and beans in it.

In this article, we discuss the average nutritional value of a veggie burger and what the best ingredients are to put in it.

Are Burgers Healthy?

Burgers are generally considered to be a fast food item. When it comes to healthy eating, burgers aren’t the first item that people think of.

This is because the burger patty has a lot of fat in it and it is surrounded by a bread bun that is filled with carbohydrates

There are healthy burgers available. They are typically made from nutrient-rich ingredients and instead of a bun, they are wrapped in lettuce.

Nutrients In A Veggie Burger

A typical soy burger patty weighs around 70g, without the bun it is usually around 120 calories.

A 70g soy burger patty has around 3.5 grams of fiber, 4.5 grams of fat, 10 grams of carbs, and 11 grams of protein.

Veggie burgers are served in a bun which adds an additional 150 calories. Bread is high in carbohydrates with a bun having 26 grams in it.

Difference Between Veggie Burgers And Meat Burgers

Compared to other burgers, veggie burgers have relatively high amounts of carbohydrates. This is because they usually contain grains, beans, and lentils that are high in carbs.

These carbs are usually slow-digesting ones so they release energy throughout the day.

In meat burgers, the natural fat of the meat is a binder. In veggie burgers, fat needs to be added as a binder. Ideally, you want the fat to be heart-healthy like olive oil or coconut oil.

While vegetables are very nutrient-rich, they won’t have as much protein as a meat burger. The nutrients in the burger will vary based on what vegetables and plant-based ingredients are in the burger patty.

Unlike other meat patties, veggie burgers are more prone to affect allergies. This is because they contain a variety of common allergens like wheat, dairy, and nuts.

When consuming a veggie burger with allergies, it is important to know exactly what ingredients are in it.

The Best Ingredients To Put In A Veggie Burger

How Many Calories In A Veggie Burger?

One of the best parts about veggie burgers is that they can be so versatile. They can have a variety of ingredients in the burger to create different flavors and textures.

Below we outline some of the ingredients that can be included in the burger patty and their benefits.

Black Beans

These create a thick consistency to the patty that allows it to be molded easier. Black beans are good for maintaining healthy bones and lowering blood pressure.


Broccoli is packed full of minerals and vitamins, it also gives a bit of color to your patty. They have a lot of antioxidants that are beneficial to the body.

Brown Rice

The starchy nature of the rice creates an effective binder to allow the vegetables to stick together.

Brown rice reduces damage to cells and is a good antioxidant. 


They can bring a slight sweetness to the patty and a nice orange color. Carrots are effective at keeping blood sugars under control.


Cauliflower can be riced to create a moldable dough. They are also high in antioxidants and have nutrients that can protect against cancer.


Chickpeas are a common veggie burger binder. They are high in fiber and are good for digestion.


This is commonly used as an egg replacement for binding foods. They are high in protein and fiber.


This is commonly used as a binding agent. Adding this makes it not gluten-free and should be used sparingly.


They provide a texture similar to meat and can absorb the flavors of the other ingredients. Mushrooms are a good source of protein and are low in calories.


Oats are used to thicken the patty and allow it to be easily molded. They can be helpful to reduce cholesterol.


Tofu is commonly used in vegetarian and vegan dishes. It is a good source of plant protein and can support your heart health.

Final Thoughts

The calories on the burger can also be affected by the toppings on it. You can add a variety of vegetables and sauces to your burger which is one of the reasons that burgers are so appealing.

Veggie burgers are perfect for people who are following a vegetarian diet. Most of them are also suitable for vegans but ingredients may need to be checked beforehand as some of them use animal byproducts like eggs or milk.

While you are able to buy veggie burgers in the store, they are easy to make at home. By making your own burgers, you also know exactly what is in them. 

Veggie burgers are a good treat to add to your diet, they provide a lot of nutrients and can be relatively low in calories.

The average adult should have about 2,000 calories a day, so you are able to enjoy a delicious veggie burger without having to worry too much about what you eat for the rest of the day.

When it comes to dieting, a balanced meal with all the nutrients you need is far more important than getting the least amount of calories.

You also need to get enjoyment out of your food, so if you want to eat a high-calorie veggie burger with a lot of toppings, you are able to and still follow a diet. It is all about eating in moderation and knowing when to and when not to indulge.

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