How Many Calories In A Twisted Tea?

If you love drinking Twisted Tea, or are curious to know the nutritional value of Twisted Tea before drinking it, then one thing you probably want to know is how many calories are in each can. Let’s get straight to the answer, shall we?

How Many Calories in a Twisted Tea?

A 12 fl oz serving of Twisted Tea contains 220 calories. So that’s quite a lot of calories for a standard-sized can or bottle.

Twisted Tea also comes in 20 fl oz cans and 24 fl oz “tall boy” cans. And if you want to know how many calories are in these can sizes, plus how much sugar and carbohydrates are in Twisted Tea, keep on reading – you’ll find everything you need to know below.

What Is Twisted Tea?

If you haven’t tried Twisted Tea yet, but are curious to know what it is, this section is for you. Twisted Tea started way back in 2001 by Boston Beer Company.

But as with most new “hard” drinks, like hard seltzers, Twisted Tea has seen a surge in popularity in recent years. So what is it exactly?

Twisted Tea is brewed black tea mixed with natural sweeteners and lemon, with an alcohol content of 5% ABV. As a result, it’s known as hard iced tea.

There’s a light version of Twisted Tea (Twisted Tea Light), which has 4% ABV.

Twisted Tea also comes in a range of flavors (aside from Original), including Mangonade, Pineapple, Half & Half, Sweet Cherry Lime, Blueberry, Peach, Mango, Raspberry, and Blackberry.

While most of the above flavors speak for themselves, Twisted Tea “Half & Half” is for the lemon lovers out there, as it mixes brewed black tea and lemon in equal parts.

How Many Calories In 20 Oz Twisted Tea?

A standard 12 oz serving of Twisted Tea, can or bottle, comes in at 220 calories – as mentioned above. 20 fl oz Twisted Tea, on the other hand, contains 330 calories. These are sold as cans, not bottles.

So compared with 12 fl oz Twisted Tea servings, the 20 fl oz cans of Twisted Tea contain 110 more calories. 

How Many Calories In 24 Oz Twisted Tea?

Twisted Tea can also be bought in 24 oz “tall boy” cans. So what’s the calorie count for these? 24 oz Twisted Tea contains 440 calories, double the amount of calories in the standard 12 oz Twisted Tea cans and bottles.

The 24 fluid ounce Twisted Tea beverages are only sold as cans, not bottles. Compared with 20 oz Twisted Tea cans, 24 oz Twisted Teas contain 110 more calories.

How Many Calories In Twisted Tea Light?

Twisted Tea Light has a slightly lower alcohol content than Twisted Tea Original, which is 4% ABV (instead of 5% ABV). They have fewer carbohydrates and calories than Twisted Tea Original.

Twisted Tea Light can be bought as 12 oz bottles, 12 oz cans, and 24 oz tall boy cans. 12 oz Twisted Tea Light (can or bottle) contains 110 calories while 24 oz Twisted Light contains 220 calories.

As a result, Twisted Tea Light contains exactly half the amount of calories as Twisted Tea Original. 

How Many Carbohydrates In Twisted Tea?

If you’re counting your calories, there’s a good chance you’re also tracking your carbohydrates. So how many carbohydrates are there in Twisted Tea? A 12 fl oz serving of Twisted Tea contains 25.9 grams of carbohydrates. 

A 12 fl oz serving of Twisted Tea Light, on the other hand, contains 8.8 grams of carbohydrates – a difference of 17.1 grams. So if you’re watching your carb intake, Twisted Tea is, needless to say, the better option.

How Much Sugar In Twisted Tea?

Twisted Tea contains natural sweeteners and lemon. It also comes in a range of flavors, including Pineapple and Sweet Cherry Lime. So how much sugar is in Twisted Tea? Here’s the rundown.

A 12 fl oz serving of Twisted Tea contains 23.3 grams of sugar. Twisted Tea Light, on the other hand, contains 6.2 grams of sugar per 12 fl oz serving. That’s a big difference, but still quite a lot of sugar for a standard canned beverage.

Is Twisted Tea Healthy?

As a sweetened, high-calorie, high-sugar, high-carb drink, Twisted Tea, and even Twisted Tea Light, are not considered healthy. 

There is little to no nutritional value in Twisted Tea, and the fact that it’s alcoholic (5% ABV) can be also bad for general health if consumed in large quantities on a regular basis.

On the plus side, Twisted Tea has no fat and is low in caffeine content. Per 12 fl oz can or bottle, Twisted Tea contains just 30 milligrams of caffeine.

Despite that, it’s generally not recommended to mix caffeine with alcohol, since alcohol is a depressant and caffeine is an antidepressant.

Is Twisted Tea Good For Weight Loss?

Enjoy drinking Twisted Tea but watching your weight? Then you might be wondering whether Twisted Tea is good for weight loss. The simple answer here is no – Twisted Tea isn’t good for weight loss as it’s high in calories, sugar, and carbohydrates. 

For example (or reference), Twisted Tea has more calories in it than Coca-Cola, which has 150 calories per 12 fl oz serving, compared to the 220 calories in a 12 fl oz serving of Twisted Tea Original.

Despite that, if you are able to maintain a consistent caloric deficit, you can enjoy Twisted Tea and still lose weight. Everything in moderation, as they say!

Bottom Line

To summarize, a 12 fl oz can or bottle of Twisted Tea Original contains 220 calories. A 20 fl oz can of Twisted Tea Original contains 330 calories, and a 24 fl oz can of Twisted Tea Original contains 440 calories.

Twisted Tea Light, which has lower alcohol content (4%) and fewer carbohydrates, contains 110 calories per 12 fl oz can or bottle. The 24 oz tall boy Twisted Tea cans, on the other hand, contain 220 calories.

So there you have it!

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