How Many Calories In A Crunchwrap Supreme?

When you’re planning a trip to Taco Bell, it’s probably not because you’re after a healthy meal option. It’s something you order when you want good food fast!

How Many Calories In A Crunchwrap Supreme

But with everything being made behind closed doors, and so many fast food chains boasting secret ingredients and recipes, it’s easy to overlook just how many calories you’re getting in your meal.

This is particularly true for an item like the Crunchwrap Supreme.

Famous for the layer of tostada shell that brings a satisfying crunch to every mouthful, the Crunchwrap Supreme contains many delicious ingredients wrapped up in a flour tortilla.

You might know it tastes great, but you don’t really know what you’re getting. 

The standard Crunchwrap Supreme contains 540 calories. Although this isn’t unreasonable for a lunch or dinner option, it is one of the highest-calorie single items at Taco Bell. In this guide, we’ll explore exactly what goes into a Taco Bell Crunchwrap Supreme. 

What Is In A Crunchwrap Supreme?

The Crunchwrap Supreme is one of the most iconic menu items at Taco Bell.

It’s a delicious combination of textures and flavors, perfect for refueling during a long day. Before we look at the calories of a Crunchwrap Supreme, let’s explore what actually goes into this Taco Bell special. 

The Crunchwrap Supreme is a new take on a burrito. Your favorite fillings are carefully layered on a tortilla, which is folded, pressed, and griddled.

The fillings heat through and are carefully enclosed in the crunchy outer layer (with added crunch from the tostada shell special ingredient). The standard Crunchwrap Supreme contains:

  • Flour Tortilla
  • Seasoned Beef
  • Nacho Cheese Sauce
  • Reduced-Fat Sour Cream
  • Lettuce
  • Tomatoes
  • Tostada Shells

These ingredients can be added, removed, changed, and upgraded. Taco Bell lists popular upgrades as beans, chicken, and creamy jalapeno sauce, but this is just the start of how you can customize your Crunchwrap Supreme. 

Taco Bell allows Crunchwrap Supreme fans to add steak, chicken, beans, and potatoes to the basic item, as well as cheese and seasoned rice. These additions will come with extra calories, and high sodium, fat, and carbohydrate levels. 

You can also customize a Crunchwrap Supreme with different sauces. These come with a small calorie increase, but they are likely to be high in salt and additives. 

How Many Calories In A Crunchwrap Supreme?

The standard Crunchwrap Supreme contains 540 calories. This makes it one of the most high-calorie items on the Taco Bell menu, although it does contain fewer calories than the Fiesta Veggie Burrito (570 calories).

Calories are only part of the story, so let’s dive deeper into the nutritional value of the Crunchwrap Supreme. 

The Crunchwrap Supreme contains 21g of fat, of which 7g is saturated fat. This makes up 27% of your recommended daily fat intake.

As well as fat, the Crunchwrap Supreme contains a high level of carbohydrates — 73g. This is 27% of your daily recommended intake.

How Many Calories In A Crunchwrap Supreme

However, it does contain 6g of dietary fiber, which is necessary to regulate how the body uses sugar. Nutritionists recommend eating between 25g and 35g of dietary fiber a day.

But one of the main health concerns with the Crunchwrap Supreme is the sodium level. One standard Crunchwrap Supreme contains 1210 mg of sodium, which is more than half of your recommended daily intake (53%).

The sodium level is high, so if you’re enjoying a Crunchwrap Supreme, be aware of your salt intake throughout the day.

Although the calorie level of the Crunchwrap Supreme is high for a single menu item, it isn’t unreasonable for lunch or dinner. But be aware of the fat, carbohydrate, cholesterol, and sodium levels when you order! 

Black Bean Crunchwrap Supreme

Taco Bell also offers a Black Bean Crunchwrap Supreme. This is a certified vegetarian version of the Crunchwrap Supreme.

The standard Black Bean Crunchwrap Supreme contains 520 calories, making it a lower-calorie option than the standard Crunchwrap Supreme.

Apart from substituting the seasoned beef for black beans, the Black Bean Crunchwrap Supreme contains the same ingredients as the meat variety. This means that the fat, sodium, and carbohydrate levels are roughly similar.

The Black Bean Crunchwrap Supreme contains 18g of fat and 5g of saturated fats, as well as 1100 mg of sodium — lower than the standard option.

However, the Black Bean Crunchwrap Supreme has a high level of carbohydrates — 77g, of which 7g are dietary fibers.

Should You Order The Crunchwrap Supreme?

The bad news is, the Crunchwrap Supreme is one of the least nutritious items on the Taco Bell menu. But that doesn’t mean you should never order it. A good diet is about balance, and that means making room for the occasional treat. 

If you do order a Crunchwrap Supreme, consider trying a black bean filling, instead of seasoned beef. This will cut down the calories and fats, as well as add more dietary fiber. Alternatively, switch the beef for a lower-calorie filling such as chicken or steak. 

Another option is to go easy on the sauces. This cuts down some of the calories while lowering the salt and fat levels.

Finally, why not add extra lettuce and tomatoes, and maybe upgrade to onions? This will increase the overall calorie count, but it will also give your Crunchwrap Supreme more of the good stuff. 

Be careful what sides you enjoy with a Crunchwrap Supreme. If you’re adding a drink, look for a low-calorie or zero-sugar option. And if you order a combo meal, don’t forget to add the calories!

Final Thoughts

The many layers of the Crunchwrap Supreme make it one of the least healthy options on the Taco Bell menu, coming in at 540 calories for a single order. It also contains high levels of sodium, carbohydrates, and fat. 

However, you can customize your Crunchwrap Supreme to cut down on calories and add more healthy ingredients. Consider switching from a meat-based option to a veggie choice, and loading up on salads. 

Although the Crunchwrap Supreme isn’t a healthy choice, you don’t need to eliminate it from your diet. Just try to enjoy one as an occasional treat, rather than your daily lunch!

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