How Many Calories Do You Burn Using A Rebounder Trampoline? [Healthy Living]

Rebounding is a low-impact aerobics activity that burns up to 500 calories per session. In addition to burning fat, it improves cardiovascular health, strengthens muscles, increases bone density, and helps prevent osteoporosis.

How Many Calories Do You Burn Using A Rebounder Trampoline? [Healthy Living]

The rebounder offers many advantages over traditional forms of exercise, including being portable, safe, inexpensive, and easy to use.

A rebounder consists of a springy mat covered with rubberized material and attached to a sturdy metal frame. You stand on the mat while bouncing up and down.

As you jump, you push off the ground with each foot, allowing you to bounce up into the air without putting much pressure on your joints.

What Is A Rebounding Workout?

Trampolines are great cardio machines, but they’re often too big and cumbersome to bring into your home. So what do you do?

You rebound. Rebounding is a type of cardiovascular exercise that involves bouncing on a smaller trampoline.

You’ll find most people use a mini trampoline indoors and they’re usually about 5 feet tall, and they come in different sizes.

The best thing about rebounding is that it’s easy to incorporate into your daily routine. 

If you’re looking for something different to add some variety to your routine, try bouncing on a rebounder. This is one of those exercises that doesn’t feel like exercise.

You won’t even notice that you’re working out while you’re bouncing around on a bouncer.

And since you’ll be moving in every direction, you’ll burn calories faster than you’d think possible. What other health benefits are there?

Health Benefits 

The U.S. military recognized the aerobic exercise value of trampolining while training pilots during World War II. During the war, it was used to train pilots in balance and spatial awareness.

NASA also explored using trampoline exercise to train astronauts for spatial awareness skills. 

Rebounders say that the movements work to tone and strengthen the entire body, including the core, legs, and back muscles.

They also claim that rebounder exercises improve balance and coordination, while helping to reduce stress and enhance overall health.

Lymph Health

It has also been suggested that trampolining could be used as an effective way to reduce pain associated with lymphoedema.

Researchers found that people with chronic lymphedema had less pain while performing exercises such as jumping on a trampoline compared to those without lymphedema.

In fact, when tested, the average number of jumps performed during the 30 minutes of exercise decreased from 10 to 3.5 in people with lymphedema.

These findings are encouraging because it suggests that regular physical activity is beneficial for patients with lymphedema even though there are no medical guidelines for treating the condition.

Cardiorespiratory Fitness

Rebounding on a mini-trampoline could help people improve their cardiorespiratory fitness.

Research suggests that jumping on a mini-tramping device might provide a low impact aerobic workout.

The study included 12 inactive, overweight women who participated in three sessions over six weeks.

They were assigned to either a control group or one of two groups that did rebounding on a mini trampoline.

Each session lasted 15 minutes and involved 60 seconds of rest followed by 30 seconds of jumping on the trampoline.

At the end of each session, participants completed a treadmill test to measure their cardiovascular fitness and energy expenditure.

How Many Calories Do You Burn Using A Rebounder Trampoline? [Healthy Living]

Results showed that both groups experienced significant improvements in cardiorespiratory function following the intervention.

However, there were no differences between the two groups. This indicates that rebounding on a rebounder is just as effective as traditional forms of aerobics such as running or cycling.

Stress Relief 

“Jump for joy” is one of those phrases that sounds like it could mean anything.

But there really is some truth behind it. Jumping helps relieve stress and jumping is particularly beneficial for people experiencing anxiety because it involves repeated muscle tension and relaxation.

When you jump, you’re tensing up and releasing your muscles which is good for your circulation, and then when you’re done jumping your muscles are loose and ready to go again.

Athletes experience greater feelings of well-being and improved mood after performing high-intensity interval training compared to low-intensity continuous exercise.

Easier On The Joints

We’ve already mentioned how rebounding is good for the joints. This is because the soft mat and cords of the mini trampoline absorb the force of landing, which helps protect the joints.

In addition, since there is no hard surface underneath, the ground absorbs some of the impact, making it safer to use. This allows people of any age to enjoy jumping.

Home Workout 

Rebounding — bouncing on a trampoline while wearing sneakers — is one of the best ways to work out indoors. And because it doesn’t require much space, you don’t need to invest in a lot of equipment.

The Right Rebounder 

The key to successful rebounding  is finding the right type of rebounder for you. There are three main types: 

  • foam rollers, 
  • Swiss balls,
  • Air bladders. 

Foam rollers are great for beginners, since they allow you to bounce up and down without having to lift your feet off the floor. 

Air bladders are best for experienced rebounders who want to move quickly and efficiently. 

Swiss balls are ideal for people who do a lot of cardio training, since they provide resistance and challenge your balance.

Mini-trampolines usually cost less than $100, though some models start at about $150.

The size of mini-trampolines varies greatly. Most mini-trampoline measure between 10 and 16 feet long, although some models reach up to 20 feet.

These sizes range from 4 to 8 feet wide, depending on the manufacturer.

One thing to keep in mind is that larger trampolines tend to weigh more, making it harder to move them around so if you suffer with joint issues it may be best to invest in a smaller one. 


If you’re looking for an easy way to get fit, consider buying a rebounder. It’s a safe, fun way to burn calories and improve your overall health.

Ensure you pick the right one for you and get started. Happy bouncing! 

Jenna Priestly