How Many Calories Are In A Egg Sandwich?

In the early 1970s, McDonalds employee Herb Peterson had the genius idea of creating a sandwich filled with nothing but eggs.

How Many Calories Are In A Egg Sandwich

While it was certainly a strange concept at the time, very soon it became a staple breakfast option and is now one of the most popular ways to enjoy some eggs in the morning.

Of course there is not just one type of egg, whether it’s scrambled, poached or even fried, they all go perfectly in between some bread which allows for a wide variety of choice, however because the calorie content can differ with each kind, this is also the case with different egg sandwiches, and therefore we have taken a look at how many calories are in each kind of egg sandwich, and how healthy they really are. 

Calories In Each Type Of Egg Sandwich

Whichever way you like to enjoy your eggs in the morning, whether you like to prepare them by frying a few up or you enjoy boiling an egg so it’s soft and tasty when you have it on the table, any variant goes well as a sandwich so the calorie count can differ quite a bit.

Boiled Egg Sandwiches

One of the most common types of morning sandwiches that usually incorporates a little bit of mayonnaise with the soft boiled eggs, a regular boiled egg sandwich which uses one egg split into pieces is around 230 calories, making it quite a healthy and filling snack in the morning.

Scrambled Egg Sandwiches

If you are more of a fan of the scrambled version of eggs and enjoy tasting that softer almost creamy texture, luckily this is just as healthy as the boiled egg sandwiches with a regular scrambled egg sandwich containing only 237 calories.

They are however, just like boiled egg sandwiches, packed full of protein and a little bit of fat which is what drives the calorie count a bit higher. 

Fried Egg Sandwiches

Fried eggs are also a perfect breakfast appetizer when placed in between some bread and eaten as a breakfast sandwich and they are especially easy to make considering one fried egg will usually be big enough to fill the entire sandwich on its own.

Fried egg sandwiches are actually quite low in calories compared to its counterparts at just 226 calories for a single sandwich made of 1 fried egg.

This does however all depend on how the egg is prepared as it can be easy to make them far more fatty if cooked for too long.

The two main factors to consider when preparing fried eggs for a delicious breakfast sandwich is making sure you don’t fry them for too long since this can dilute many of its beneficial nutrients, and using an oil that contains low amounts of saturated fats such as avocado and coconut oil. 

Are Egg Sandwiches A Healthy Option For Breakfast?

Are Egg Sandwiches A Healthy Option For Breakfast?

When on a diet where you want to watch your calories, but still want to gain all the beneficial nutrients from certain types of foods, egg sandwiches are excellent as a breakfast option which can not only help lose weight, but supplies the body with some essential nutrients which can help it function at its best for the day ahead.

Egg sandwiches are also far healthier and lower in calories than many other breakfast options, bacon sandwiches for example are one of the most popular breakfast meals that people will snack on, specifically because of the addictive smokey taste of bacon, however in comparison to egg sandwiches a bacons sandwich contains over 500 calories which is over double the amount, while also containing a far high fat content. 

You will of course also be gaining all the beneficial nutrients that are possessed by eggs when eating them in a sandwich including higher levels of HDL which has been linked to lowering the risk of heart disease and stroke, as well as choline which has been known to help build cell membranes and assist in producing signal molecules in the brain. 

This is not even mentioning that eggs are filled with antioxidants which can massively help eye health, and of course also contain extremely high protein levels which is especially good for the morning since it helps the brain produce neurotransmitters, also known as dopamine, which keeps you fresh and energized for the day. 

What Is The Healthiest Way To Make An Egg Sandwich? 

Any type of egg sandwich you choose will be a healthy and filling option for breakfast which you can be sure won’t overstep the calorie mark, however if you want to make en egg sandwich as healthy and low in calories as possible while still retaining it’s delicious flavor and texture, luckily doing this is quite easy.

Try hard boiling an egg and then proceeding to peel and mash it.

Add just one tablespoon of lite mayo to the egg, just so there is a mixture making it nice and sweet while being as healthy as possible, and then season with just a dash of salt and pepper. 

Place the mixture across some grainy bread and there you have it, a delicious egg sandwich that uses the healthiest mixture of ingredients possible that retains the eggs original flavor while making sure it still grants you all the necessary nutritional benefits possible.

Thanks to the lite mayo splashed across the egg, you won’t need to use any butter to soften the sandwich which cuts out a lot of potential fat. 


When it comes to losing weight alongside gaining the nutrients we need to keep our mind and body healthy, eggs on their own are already an excellent food to incorporate into a healthy diet.

And this goes just the same with egg sandwiches as while they may be a little higher in calories, especially depending on how much mayo is used and any other ingredients, they are still a delightful breakfast option that will fill you up while still being fairly low in calorie content.

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