How Many Calories Are In A Bacon Cheeseburger?

If you are a meat eater with a sense of adventure, then no doubt you’ll know exactly how delicious a bacon cheeseburger can be.

How Many Calories Are In A Bacon Cheeseburger?

This comes with a very thick patty that is slathered with a few rashers of bacon and cheese.

But even someone with only a basic knowledge of food and calories will know that a bacon cheeseburger isn’t exactly that healthy for you.

Add to that the calories of the bun, then you’ll have something that is pushing possible 1,000 calories in total.

So how many calories are there in a bacon cheeseburger? What about the different varieties of patty and bacon?

What is the best method of calculating the calories in this cheeseburger? Well, if you want to know the answer to these questions and a lot more, then we would recommend that you keep reading.

What Is A Bacon Cheeseburger?

Well, this is one of those foods that really does give you everything that it states on the tin.

Although there are different combinations of different brands of patty, bacon and cheese, these are still the fundamentals of a bacon cheeseburger.

You can get a bacon cheeseburger from a Mcdonald’s or your local fast food restaurant. You can also make the patty and the bacon from scratch at home.

A lot of people like to lower the calorie content of cheeseburgers by incorporating freshly ground beef into their bacon cheeseburgers.

You can also trim all the fat off your bacon before you put it on the grill.

That, in a nutshell, is what a bacon cheeseburger is. But how many calories can you find in this burger? Well, you should keep reading to find out.

The Calories In A Bacon Cheeseburger

When we are looking at the calorie content of a bacon cheeseburger, then you’ll have to take the average or judge it based on the weight of your burger and the amount of bacon that you’re using.

If you are using a hamburger patty that weighs around 6 ounces, then you can be looking to be consuming around 780 calories, although this might go a few more calories higher or lower.

However, to judge it based on the Mcdonald’s cheeseburger, then you’ll be looking at a much lighter weight and much fewer calories.

A Mcdonald’s cheeseburger is around 360 calories, whilst the Burger King cheeseburger is around 290.

Here is a brief list of the various burger establishments and how many calories you might be expected to find in each one:

  • Regular 6-ounce hamburger – 780 calories
  • Mcdonald’s cheeseburger – 360 calories
  • Burger King cheeseburger – 290 calories
  • Five Guys cheeseburger – 920 calories
  • BJ’s Restaurant cheeseburger – 1,440 calories

As you can see from a lot of these patties, they will take up a significant portion of your daily fat allowance. If you are tracking your calories, then you might want to tailor your weekly allowance to account for this excess fat.

If you do want to lower the number of calories in your burger, then you might need to get rid of the bacon and the cheese, as these will be significant contributors to the larger calorie intake.

What About The Macros Of A Bacon Cheeseburger?

What About The Macros Of A Bacon Cheeseburger?

Because most genuine meat patties contain a lot of beef, then you can be sure that it will fill up your protein quota for the day.

However, you have to be careful, as this kind of burger will contain a lot of fat too.

A single bacon cheeseburger will contain around 31 grams of carbs, which will be around 24% of your daily amount.

In terms of protein, a cheeseburger will hit your daily goal in one serving, giving you a massive 46 grams of protein.

Studies recommend that you get around 130 grams of carbs per day. It also recommends that you get anywhere between 46 – 56 grams of protein per day.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Eating Bacon Cheeseburgers?

One of the best things about a bacon cheeseburger, especially one that you have ground up yourself, is the fact that it is one of the best sources of animal protein.

Protein is one of the main building blocks for muscle, so if you are weight training or are looking to bulk up at all, then having the odd bacon cheeseburger will not harm your protein intake.

Beef is also a great source of iron, which helps to carry oxygen around the body through your blood cells.

The patty in your beef burger is also a very rich source of vitamin B-12, which will help to regulate your nervous system and will also aid the production of red blood cells as well as being beneficial for every cell in the body.

The Risks Of Eating Bacon Cheeseburgers

Bacon cheeseburgers contain an extremely high amount of fat, enough fat to really take you over your daily limit.

If you are consuming bacon cheeseburgers on a regular basis, then you run the risk of heart and liver disease.

You can also run the risk of becoming severely obese if you eat too many cheeseburgers.

This food also contains a lot of sugar, which is incredibly addictive and will cause you to eat a lot more burgers.

The best method of reducing the number of calories and fat in your bacon cheeseburger is by taking out the bacon and the cheese – although we understand that this then defies the very definition of a bacon cheeseburger.

You can also expect an increase in your blood pressure, owing to the increased level of sugar in your bloodstream.

Again, you should avoid doing this by reducing the amount of fat that is contained in your cheeseburger.


We hope that this article has helped inform you about the calorie content of bacon cheeseburgers.

It is important that you don’t consume too many of these, as it will increase the amount of sugar in your blood and raise the risk of your suffering from heart and liver disease.

Jenna Priestly