How Are Oreos Vegan?

One of the many joys of being vegan is when you realize that a snack you used to like is actually vegan and has been the whole time!

This means that you can start to buy and eat it again, and you do not have to worry about spending extra for a vegan alternative. One food that is often misrepresented is Oreos.

How Are Oreos Vegan?

There are some people who say that they are vegan and they always have been, while others say that they are vegan but not made ethically.

Because of this there is a lot of confusion surrounding whether or not it is possible to eat Oreos as part of a vegan or an ethical vegan diet. So, if you are wondering about the vegan status of Oreos, keep reading!

Are Oreos Vegan?

Yes, most Oreos that you can buy are vegan, and this is accidental. No Oreos contain any ingredients sourced from animals, even milk.

The main varieties of Oreos we are referring to here are the classic Oreos, Double Stuff Oreos, Chocolate Cream Oreos, and Golden Oreos.

When you start to look at more obscure varieties of Oreos, you can see that some may not be vegan suitable, for example, most peanut butter Oreos actually contain milk.

It is worth checking that the Oreos you can buy in your country are vegan, since some countries make them in a different way, and this means that they are not vegan.

Make sure to check the Oreos you are buying in your country to see if they are vegan.

What Are The Ingredients In Oreos?

If you can not find out if the Oreos available in your country are vegan, then the best thing you can do is to check the ingredients on the back and see if you can recognize any animal products.

In most cases, if a product is not vegan, you will see some traces of milk in it.

However, if you want to skip this step, you can look over the packaging and see if it is labelled as vegetarian or vegan, if you can not find this anywhere, there is a good chance that they are not vegan.

Since Oreos are vegan accidentally, there is a chance that the recipe could change, so try and find the most recent information possible!

Why Are Oreos Labelled As Vegetarian And Not Vegan?

Since Oreos are not made with any animal products, a lot of people are confused about why they are not labelled as vegan.

The reason for this cited by Oreo on their website is that milk is a cross contact, so while it is not an ingredient, there may have been some contact with milk, and this officially, means that they can not be certified as vegan.

This means that while all of the ingredients are plant based, because there is a chance of cross contamination and some dairy getting traces in Oreos, they can not be officially certified. 

How Are Oreos Vegan?

Are Oreos Gluten Free

Standard Oreos are unfortunately not gluten free, so if this is something you struggle with, you can not enjoy normal Oreos. However, in some countries, there are gluten free Oreos that are available to buy.

For example, you can buy and enjoy gluten free Oreos in the USA, but not in the UK. These gluten free Oreos are made using oat flour instead of wheat flour.

However, since these gluten free Oreos have proven popular in the USA, hopefully they will be made more readily available worldwide!

Do Oreos Use Palm Oil

Something that often splits vegans when it comes to buying products is whether they purchase products that contain palm oil. This is because of the ethical concerns that pertain to the production of palm oil products.

Most Oreo recipes around the world do use palm oil, however on the Oreo website, it is claimed that the palm oil has been sourced responsibly, and the procedures put in place to farm it minimize deforestation.

However, there are still some vegans who will not buy any palm oil products, even if they have apparently been farmed ethically, because of the impact of palm plantations.

In spite of this, palm oil is technically a vegan substance because creating it does not directly abuse animals.

What Are Vegan Alternatives To Oreos

You can often find when looking in the vegan section of your supermarket that there are still vegan versions of cookies that look like Oreos, and this could be a testament to how the vegan certification of Oreos is so cloudy (see more about vegan cookies here).

We recommend trying these out since you could enjoy these more than you might Oreos, and a lot of them are designed to taste very similar.

However, depending on how you restrain yourself with a vegan diet, you can get away with just having Oreos, just make sure you are up to date on the ingredients and methods of production used in your country

Make Your Own Vegan Oreos

If you can not find any suitable vegan Oreo substitutes that are available locally, or that you like the taste of, but you are really craving Oreos, something that we can recommend is that you try making your own vegan Oreos.

This recipe is one of our favorites as it makes Oreos that are designed to be more healthy and still taste delicious. 

The recipe is made using exclusively plant based ingredients with the creamy filling being made from powdered sugar beaten with coconut butter or vegan shortening.

This actually works incredibly well and gets some delicious results. However, if you do not enjoy this recipe, there are plenty of others available online, so mix and match to get the best vegan Oreo recipe you can!


Hopefully this article has given you all the information you need on why it is so confusing about whether Oreos are officially vegan or not.

The palm oil divide leads plenty of vegans to disagree on this, but if you are still confused, we recommend looking for products from a vegan brand, or making your own!

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