Does Buffalo Sauce Have Carbs?

When starting a keto diet, it can be saddening and frustrating to find out that, suddenly, you can no longer eat lots of your favorite foods.

Does Buffalo Sauce Have Carbs?

Keto is a type of diet where you reduce your carb intake in order for your body to be burning fat instead so you can get into ketosis. 

And, while this provides plenty of health benefits, it is easy to quit this diet because of how challenging it can be.

Therefore, it is good to have an understanding of what foods you are able to eat in order to plan meals with ease and find it easier to stick to the diet.

Buffalo sauce adds that much-needed spice to a variety of meals.

However, it is not overpowering, which is why people like it so much! However, if you are on a keto diet, you need to know if it has carbs. 

So, in this article, we will discuss whether or not buffalo sauce has carbs and more. So, if this is of interest to you, then read on! 

Does Buffalo Sauce Have Carbs?

Yes, buffalo sauce does indeed contain carbs.

Buffalo sauce is generally made with low-carb ingredients, and on average, there are less than four grams of carbs in one serving of buffalo sauce, and this can differ between buffalo sauces. 

However, this does not necessarily mean that you cannot eat buffalo sauce if you are on a keto diet. 

Can You Eat Buffalo Sauce On A Keto Diet?

Yes and no. There are some buffalo sauces that will be suitable for a keto diet, and some that will kick you out of ketosis and so are best avoided.

Whether a buffalo sauce recipe is suitable for those on a keto diet or not all depends on the ingredients.

As previously mentioned, some buffalo sauces are made from ingredients that are low in carbs, so they will be perfectly fine for someone to eat even if they are following a keto diet. 

For example, a buffalo sauce recipe that contains garlic powder, salt, pepper, paprika, Frank’s red hot sauce, and butter, will be suitable for those following a keto diet. 

However, there will be buffalo sauce recipes that are not suitable for those on a keto diet.

For example, some buffalo sauces will be made with ingredients that are deceivingly high in carbs, such as ketchup, honey, and brown sugar.

To give you an example of how high in carbs these ingredients actually are, an average tablespoon of honey will contain 16.1 grams of carbs! All of these carbs are sugar. 

So, if you eat a buffalo sauce recipe with these kinds of ingredients then thighs will likely take up all of your carb allowance for that day, making eating other meals in the day very difficult. 

So, it is imperative that you avoid these kinds of recipes, or else you will have a challenging time following a keto diet and are more likely to stop.

If you find a buffalo sauce recipe that has low-carb ingredients, then you can use it in a variety of recipes and enjoy it without worrying about not being in ketosis. 

Does Buffalo Sauce Contain Sugar?

Does Buffalo Sauce Have Carbs?

Yes, some buffalo sauce recipes will contain sugar.

While this may not be a problem for the average person, this is not necessarily suitable for those following a keto diet, because buffalo sauce recipes that contain sugar are also likely to be high in carbs. 

What Buffalo Sauces Are Low In Carbs?

Here are some examples of buffalo sauce recipes that are low in carbs. All of these can be found in supermarkets or grocery stores! 

  • Frank’s hot sauce 
  • Keto Dave’s gourmet hot sauce 
  • Louisiana hot sauce 
  • Tabasco original red sauce 
  • Huey Fong sambel oelek chili paste

How To Read The Labels Of Sauce Packages?

It is important to properly read the labels of your favorite sauce packages, buffalo sauce included, not only to make sure that they are not high in carbs but to ensure they do not contain the ingredient maltitol.

Maltitol is not carbs or sugar, but it does cause an individual’s blood pressure to rise which is not good if you are trying to follow a keto diet and stay in ketosis

So, make sure you are checking the packaging of your favorite buffalo sauce recipe, as well as other sauces, to ensure that this ingredient is not present! 

How Many Calories Are In Buffalo Sauce?

The number of calories in buffalo sauce will differ between buffalo sauce brands.

However, you can easily narrow this down by checking out how many carbs are in certain buffalo sauce recipes.

From here, you will only need to check the calories of buffalo-sauce recipes that are low in carbs, too. 

For example in 100g of  Frank’s Buffalo Sauce, there are 25 calories, 1g of fat, and only 2g of carbs!

Final Thoughts 

As a general rule, most buffalo sauce recipes will have carbs present in them.

However, plenty of them, such as the list above, are very low in carbs.

For example, there are typically less than four grams of carbs in one serving of buffalo sauce. 

However, this only applies to buffalo sauce recipes that are made with low-carb ingredients, like Frank’s red hot sauce.

There are plenty of buffalo sauce recipes out there that are made with ketchup, brown sugar, and other high-carb ingredients such as honey, which actually has 16.1 carbs per serving on average! 

Eating high-carb buffalo sauce recipes is not possible while trying to follow a keto diet because you will use up all or most of your permitted carbs for the day, making eating the rest of your meals difficult.

Alternatively, you risk getting kicked out of ketosis and not feeling the many benefits that the keto diet provides. 

So, it is best to find buffalo sauce recipes that use ingredients that are low in carbs to ensure you can enjoy it with a variety of meals while on a keto diet!

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