Do Eggs Have Carbs?

Eggs are everyone’s best friend. When you need a quick and nutritious, protein-rich meal to fill you up, eggs will be there for you.

Do Eggs Have Carbs?

Another cool thing about eggs is that they can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, and dinner without a qualm about it.

Their versatility comes from the egg being able to be eaten in so many different ways and with so many different foods.

Whether you scramble, poach, hard-boil, fry, or turn them into an omelet, eggs will still deliver their unmistakably delicious taste.

If you are trying to keep your carbohydrate intake purposefully low and want to know where your egg addiction fits into your diet, like eggs, this article is here for you. 

Do Eggs Have Carbs?

An egg in its most natural form has almost no carbohydrates. In fact, one large egg typically has just half a gram of carbs to its name.

Though this is still technically carbs, it is so little that most dietitians and health experts tend to put eggs in the carb-less food group.

For people adhering to a low-carb diet, this is music to their ears. Why?

Because eggs are a super filling food that can be enjoyed and eaten whenever they very well, please. Having no ramifications on their calorie counter. 

What Is an Egg’s Nutrition?

Now that you know eggs have essentially no carbs, is it time to find out what they do in fact have? Eggs are full of protein, healthy fats, and other nutrients that are beneficial for the human body.

One large egg will typically feature about 70 calories alongside six grams of protein.

Six grams of protein may not sound like a lot, but when you eat two or even three eggs in a day, the protein your body receives suddenly starts to jump up to a formidable amount. 

One large egg will also contain 28 milligrams of calcium, 71 milligrams of potassium, and around 100 milligrams of phosphorus.

These are all valuable nutrients and minerals that can help the human body function at its best. Two things to watch out for in eggs are their cholesterol and fat content.

While they feature healthy fats, eggs still have quite a high-fat content that makes them not ideal for people on low-fat diets – five grams to be exact. 

The same can be said for people who are watching their cholesterol intake as one large egg can have up to 200 milligrams of cholesterol in it.

This means that while eggs are ideal for people adhering to low-carb, high-protein diets, they aren’t an ideal snack for all people on all diets. 

Are Eggs Good for a Keto Diet?

Are Eggs Good for a Keto Diet?

On account of their evident lack of carbs, eggs are a very good meal idea for people on a keto diet.

In fact, it is hard to find a keto diet meal planner without eggs featured on it.

Boiled eggs are particularly good as a snack to ward off any potential weak moments when you are out and about, with carb-heavy food all around you.

Pair with some thick-cut slices of cucumber and other raw veggies and you will be in a good position not to crack when a hot dog presents itself. 

Are Carbs Good or Bad?

Though this is a rather subjective question as it really does depend on who you are and what you are trying to achieve through the food that you eat, we thought we would answer it anyway.

Carbs don’t exactly have a reputation that proceeds them. Why? Because they are known as a gateway to putting on weight, which, it must be assumed, most people would rather avoid.

Though there is certainly some truth to this, it is not fair to say that carbs are the enemy and you should avoid eating them altogether.

Our bodies crave carbs for a reason. They are a crucial element for our bodies to function at their best.

After we consume carbs, our bodies break them down and turn them into glucose, which, in turn, provides our bodies with energy.

Think of carbs as the body’s fuel source, that, without, our body and brain won’t be able to function at their best. 

The problem arises when we fuel our bodies with an excessive amount of carbs.

If a person eats the wrong types of carbs and too much of them, this is what will make them gain weight.

There is a big difference between eating whole foods that offer complex carbs and filling our bodies with fried and fast food that is packed with carbs. 

What Are Some Foods With Healthy Carbs in Them?

Healthy carbs are found in foods that add nutritional value to your diet. Food that will actually fill you up for a long time and make it easy for your body to process its carbs.

Such foods include leafy greens, brown rice, beans, lentils, milk, yogurt, oats, whole wheat pasta, corn, apples, and berries.

Food that is of its natural state and hasn’t been deep-fried or altered in any way will generally be a meal ticket for good and healthy carbs. 

What Are Some Food With Unhealthy Carbs in Them?

Unfortunately, if you are really dedicated to your low-carb diet you must avoid a lot of food that tastes inherently good.

All your favorite Mexican dishes, pizza, pasta, potatoes, sandwiches, burgers, and chips should all be stricken from your meal plan.

The good news is that you can make most of these foods with unhealthy carbs, healthier by making them at home.

For instance, swap out the fried tortilla chips of your favorite nachos recipe for sweet potato. Though this won’t be a carb-free meal it will be full of good carbs, not the nasty ones. 


So there you have it. You are now all the wiser on the carb content of eggs.

We hope this article has put your mind at ease about your daily egg intake where carbs are concerned.

Whether you are looking to lose weight or simply eat healthy, for most people, it is safe to say that eggs will be there for you.

Jenna Priestly