Can You Lose Weight By Eating Lean Cuisine?

When it comes to losing weight, it’s absolutely essential that you keep on top of what you’re eating. It’s always good to know what you’re eating and what the calorie content of it is.

Can You Lose Weight By Eating Lean Cuisine?

That way, you can know your calorie intake, and know how much you might want to be burning off with exercise. 

When it comes to frozen meals and pre-made dinners, some people might not picture them as the healthiest option.

Lean Cuisine is a popular brand of these pre-made meals, with a big range of different dishes. However, can you lose weight by eating lean cuisine?

The simple answer is yes. Lean Cuisine tends to have meals that have reduced calories in them, as well as portion sizes that are small and should keep you eating the right amount and not more.

With that being said, you can’t only eat Lean Cuisine exclusively, you will need a varied and balanced meal plan.

However, there is plenty more to learn about Lean Cuisine and weight loss. In our handy article below, we’re going into all the different ways that Lean Cuisine can be helpful to you. 

Can You Lose Weight By Eating Lean Cuisine?

As we’ve touched upon, Lean Cuisine is a brand of frozen meals that you can buy, offering up a whole range of tasty dishes with minimum cooking effort.

Eating them every now and then can help you lose weight for a number of reasons, some of which you might expect.

Generally speaking, Lean Cuisine meals have reduced calories in them, meaning that they have a lesser amount of calories than you might find in similar pre-made meals.

This means that you’ll be eating fewer calories when you choose this brand, and therefore not putting on extra weight.

Additionally, the portion sizes are small, which means that you’re eating enough and not too much – which could also cause weight gain over time.

When people lose weight, it’s not just about eating fewer calories though. It’s about a combination of that and making sure that they are burning more calories than they’re taking in.

Eating Lean Cuisine meals occasionally will help the person keep a check on the calories that they’re having, though they will still need to exercise regularly and eat a healthy balanced diet outside of that. 

Why is it not a good idea to just exclusively eat Lean Cuisine meals? Well, they’re still processed food. Processed foods are not a good idea to eat lots of for a healthy lifestyle.

On top of that, many Lean Cuisine meals are high in sodium and low in fiber and protein, which is also not too desirable. 

With that being said, having some of their meals every now and then can help you to lose weight and learn the rules of dieting. How? Let us explain…

It Helps You Practice Portion Control

Can You Lose Weight By Eating Lean Cuisine?

A lot of people misjudge how much food they’re actually eating, thinking they’re eating less than they actually are.

On top of that, marketing will often misrepresent what size food portions should be. For people looking to lose weight, it’s essential that you understand how much you’re eating each day.

That is because if you don’t have a correct idea of how much you’re eating every day, then you won’t properly know how many calories you’re putting into your body.

Without that information, you won’t be able to know how many more you need to burn off. 

With Lean Cuisine, the meals have portion control built into them, because they’re already specifically measured into proper portions.

This means that it’ll be a lot easier for you to make sure that you’re getting the right portion sizes and having the correct amount of calories – calories that you can count and keep on top of. 

However, you shouldn’t be eating Lean Cuisine meals exclusively and nothing else. You need a balanced and varied diet outside that, with only the occasional frozen meals.

This doesn’t mean the in-built portion control isn’t useful, though, because it will teach you about portion sizes.

After a few Lean Cuisine meals, you should be able to get to grips with how big a portion should be. This will help you portion out your other meals properly. 

With that being said, the portion sizes won’t exactly translate to your homemade meals. There will still be some trial and error.

Overall, though, it should help to give you a better idea of eating the right amount. 

Replacing Fast Food And Takeout

We all like to order some fast food or an easy takeout meal every now and then. Just like Lean Cuisine, they require no cooking effort.

However, it’s a good idea that whenever you feel a craving for fast food or takeout, have a Lean Cuisine meal instead.

This is because it will save you from eating hundreds of more calories, since Lean Cuisine meals contain far fewer calories than fast food and typical takeout meals.

A Lean Cuisine meal can be up to 400 calories. For context, just two slices of takeout pizza can be just over 650 calories. You can see the difference!

Comfort And Reward

When people diet, they too often refuse to give themselves nice comfort foods. This can be bad because it then makes them feel limited and miserable, without any variation or joy in their food.

With Lean Cuisine you can get various favorite comfort foods, but all with lower calorie counts than normal.

This way, you can occasionally treat yourself to some delicious variation in the diet, without worrying about the extra calories.

This will help your overall mindset, which will help you diet even better.

Final Thoughts

Lean Cuisine can help you lose weight, but you must have a balanced diet outside them.

Jenna Priestly