Can You Gain 5 Pounds In A Week?

If you are looking to put on weight within a certain period of time, you need to be doing it in a healthy and safe way. If you think just piling in loads of snacks is a good way to do this you are wrong.

Can You Gain 5 Pounds In A Week

There are better ways to put on a few pounds in a healthy way rather than filling your body with food that is not good for you. 

This guide will be covering the best way you are able to put on 5 pounds in only a week. People think it’s really easy to put weight on but for some people it can be very difficult for different reasons. Find out more down below. 

Can It Be Difficult To Put On Weight?

Some people find it incredibly hard to put on weight and some people find it almost too easy. It all depends on how much you are consuming in comparison to how much you are exercising and burning off each day.

If you are looking to gain 5 pounds in a week, there are several ways of calculating how many calories you are consuming a day and how many you are pburning in order to find out how much you need to start eating to gain the weight in a healthy way. 

Once you have found out how much you need to be eating each day you need to split that into 3 different meals throughout the day. This will allow your body to digest and break down between meals.

By keeping to these meals you are less likely to keep feeling hungry and snacking unhealthily throughout the day but you are still getting your ideal calorie count. 

A Healthy Way To Gain Weight

You need to be having protein based meals and the protein should be the main part, the star of the show. Steak, salmon and tuna are some of the best options for meal plans and to work around them.

Eggs are also great for breakfast periods and lunches to gain that needed weight from your protein. However, you should still be pairing this with other nutritious food such as your greens and fruit. 

There are several options that will help you gain weight from your diet but you need to stick to the meal plans. Rice, bananas, oats and dried fruit are more options that will boost your higher calorie count.

However, you will be switching to a new diet which can be tough for some people if they are not used to eating this much every day. 

You need your fiber and vitamins to complete the balanced meals. You do not want to just start building lots of fat in your body, you also need to be having the good stuff. This not only helps with your bodily functions but affects how you feel. 

What About Training?

Can You Gain 5 Pounds In A Week

People will always head to the weights room when they are trying to gain weight because muscle mass is dense. This will involve exercising about 3 times a week in the gym to build that extra muscle to put on 5 pounds. 

You need to be working all of the major muscle groups such as your chest, and legs to build that needed muscle mass. This will also need to last between 20-30minutes per session to get the best out of the high intensity workouts.

If you’re looking to put on the weight you want to avoid actually losing it through working out which is something to keep in mind. 

Post Workout 

After your workouts you might feel slightly fatigued and weak which is why it is a great idea to have a high in protein snack afterwards. This will give you that boost and fill you up until your 3rd meal of the day.

It is really important that you are also staying very hydrated throughout your workouts and on a daily basis to make sure you are ready to workout and you’re in the best shape too. 

Many people tend to go for a nice granola bar or a protein shake of some sort. This is because you are looking to repair the muscles from all of the muscle work you have been doing.

Once repaired they grow bigger and stronger which is what causes the weight gain from the muscle mass. 


Overall, if you are looking to gain weight, it can be slightly more difficult than you might think. You want to be gaining this weight through muscle mass and not just gaining fat if you’re someone who attends the gym regularly.

Therefore, a week is not a long time to try and gain this type of weight healthily, but it is doable. 

It is all about perseverance and being organized with what you are eating and drinking too. Training your sessions to suit exactly what you need to be achieving as well. 

Hopefully this guide has helped you understand how you can gain weight healthily without having to stuff your face with snacks because that may become a habit and put you out of routine.

It is not just unhealthy snacks that make you gain weight but also food high in protein.

If you start adding more protein into your diet, you will definitely start to see the difference in no time. However you also need to remember to balance your diet and know everything else you need for nutritional value for your body. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Fast Can I Gain 5 Pounds?

Weight training helps you put on muscle — not just 5 pounds of added fat — which helps you look more solid and feel stronger.

Gaining 5 pounds may take five to 10 weeks, but treating it like a slow, gradual process ensures you’ll add pounds in the healthiest way possible.

Jenna Priestly