Can I Eat Bread And Lose Weight?

Bread is such a staple food and comes in so many tasty varieties!

Can I Eat Bread And Lose Weight?

Not only are there so many types of bread, it’s such a versatile ingredient that you can pair it with almost anything to make a delicious meal. 

Many people assume that you need to avoid eating bread if you want to lose weight, but this is just a common misconception.

Eating everything in moderation is the key to creating a balanced and healthy diet. 

Here we will answer the question “can I eat bread and lose weight?”

Who Said Eating Bread Is Bad?

Within the dieting and fitness industries bread is commonly thought of as the enemy or a ‘bad’ food. Bread is high in carbohydrates and calories and doesn’t particularly have many nutrients.

As bread is a processed food, we tend to think of it negatively. The fiber found in bread isn’t the same as the natural fiber found in fruits and vegetables. 

However, there are several varieties of bread such as whole grain bread that have high fiber contents and essential vitamins.

Whole Grain breads are generally higher in calories, but have been found to be beneficial for maintaining blood sugar levels. 

Complex carbohydrates such as bread are not the enemy, in fact they play an important part in our diets and help to leave us full and satisfied.

Simple carbohydrates such as sugar are the sources of carbohydrates that we need to be concerned about. 

Eating Bread Has Benefits 

Bread is such a versatile and tasty food which is widely accessible due to its price. You incorporate bread into any meal, helping us feel fuller for longer. 

There are some great benefits of eating bread, such as the release of serotonin in the brain.

Serotonin is a chemical that we commonly associate with an improved mood, which is exactly what happens when you eat bread. 

This release can also help to suppress cravings and signal to the brain that you’ve had a satiating meal which can be beneficial for portion control and prevent you from eating too many calories.

Obviously bread must be consumed in moderation for this to happen.

Although it’s not as nutritious as eating fruits or vegetables, bread contains vitamins and minerals such as vitamin B1 and B3 which are important for releasing energy and maintaining healthy eyes, skin and nails.

It also contains vitamin B Folate which is important during pregnancy to prevent neural tube defects. 

Other beneficial nutrients include iron, calcium, fiber and protein which are also beneficial for a healthy bodily functions and processes. 

What Bread Should I Eat?

Breads With A Lot Of Fiber

Choosing the right type of bread is essential when aiding in weight loss as well as pairing it with the right foods for a healthy meal.

Picking a bread with a high fiber content is important, go for ones that have between 3-5 grams of fiber per serving. This helps the digestive system as well as maintaining your blood sugar levels. 

Breads With Low Sugar Contents

Can I Eat Bread And Lose Weight?

Breads contain added sugars such as sucrose, corn syrup or high-fructose syrup.

These added sugars may lead to feelings of fullness quickly, but once the sugar levels start to drop you end up craving carbohydrates again.

Choosing a bread with the lowest sugar content possible alongside managing your sugar intake during the day can help alleviate this. 

Whole-Grain Bread

When buying bread in the grocery store, always opt for a whole-grain or whole-wheat over a white bread.

These wholegrains mean they aren’t a refined bread like the white bread, which lacks nutrients and fibers due to it lacking certain ingredients.

Whole Grains are considered to be ‘good’ sources of carbohydrates that also contain a source of protein. 

Breads With Other Nutrient Sources 

As bread is manufactured, the producers can add all sorts of extra nutrients from nuts or seeds or fortify the bread with sources of fats and proteins.

Look out for bread with omega-3 fatty acids, as these are good for the heart and can alleviate the inflammation associated with obesity. 

Nuts and seeds added to bread can contribute to feelings of fullness and provide more feelings of satisfaction than other breads which can help from wanting to consume more calories later on as a result.

There are many other benefits of nuts and seeds, including their ability to prevent spikes in blood sugar levels as they have a low glycemic index. 

How To Eat Bread And Lose Weight 

Pairing bread with other healthy options, not the convenient slather of butter, is imperative.

Eating sources of protein and healthy fats alongside the bread will help you to lose weight healthily and follow an effective weight-loss plan. 

Examples of these foods include avocado, tuna, eggs, bananas, berries and yogurt, nut butters, chicken and hummus.

Avoid eating other foods high in carbohydrates when eating bread, such as potatoes, chips, and processed cereals as this will contribute to eating in caloric excess and can make you gain weight. 

As with anything, eating foods in moderation is best for a healthy and balanced diet. You can easily calculate the amount of carbohydrates you can eat with an online calculator.

This will tell you how much of your caloric intake you can use on carbohydrate-dense foods such as bread whilst maintaining your weight-loss.

It is recommended that if you’re having a meal with bread in it, the bread should fill no more than 25% of your plate. With lunch or breakfast, this will equal to one slice of bread. 

Final Thoughts 

Yes you can eat bread and still lose weight! Bread isn’t the enemy or a ‘bad’ food. It contains vitamins and minerals that contribute towards a healthy diet.

Eating bread in moderation that is low in sugar and high in fiber will help in your weight-loss as they are filling and satisfying. 

We hope you found this article interesting and informative, helping you to make good food choices!

Jenna Priestly