Can I Add Protein Powder To Oatmeal?

One common issue a lot of people have is trying to include as much protein as necessary into their diet, and unfortunately this is not always simple.

However, one of the easiest ways to do this is to change what you are eating at the start of the day to be as high in protein as possible.

A common breakfast which is easy to make high in protein is oatmeal since it is so easy to customize and add extra ingredients to make it perfect for anyone’s taste.

Can I Add Protein Powder To Oatmeal?

There are plenty of high protein ingredients and foods which taste delicious when added to oatmeal!

However, many wonder if it is possible to just add protein powder into oatmeal to give a simple and easy boost of protein to this nutritious breakfast option.

This article aims to answer this question and will also show other ways you can have more protein in your oatmeal!

Can Protein Powder Be Added To Oatmeal?


You can add protein powder to oatmeal, and while this may seem like an extreme way to include extra protein in your diet, many people love it as a way to kill two birds with one stone as it will save having to make a protein shake and instead will include the protein in your morning oatmeal instead.

With all the varieties of protein powder around, you can also experiment with different flavor combinations and different types of protein to see which ones you like the most!

Just because you have put protein powder in your oatmeal, does not mean that you can not add other ingredients rich in protein onto your oatmeal, but it is also a good idea to add other toppings to make the breakfast as balanced as possible.

Fruit makes a great topping with how nutritious it is and how well it will blend with the flavors of a protein infused oatmeal!

If you love overnight oats as well, protein powder works amazingly well with this too!

No matter how you like your oatmeal, making it with protein powder is always an option and is a great way to get more protein in your diet, just make sure you are having a healthy balanced diet outside of this to make sure your body can function properly!

Using protein powder is also a great option if you are a vegan or want to avoid some of the more typically protein rich foods which are not available for certain dietary restrictions.

For example eggs are one of the best foods for protein intake, but if you can not eat eggs, using protein powder as a way to get protein content is a great idea!

How To Make Protein Powder Oatmeal?

One of the simplest ways to add protein powder into your oatmeal is to cook your oatmeal over the hob as normal with water and whatever other inclusions you usually use until it is cooked properly and the correct consistency.

Once you have done this, take your oatmeal off of the heat, and then you can stir in your scoop of protein powder.

This can often change the consistency and make it too thick, so if this happens just add some more milk or water to loosen it to the right consistency for you!

Once you have done this you can transfer the oatmeal to a bowl and add whatever toppings you want and enjoy this delicious and nutritious protein high oatmeal!

Protein High Oatmeal Toppings

Protein High Oatmeal Toppings

Other than protein powder, there are plenty of other ingredients and toppings you can add to your oatmeal to make it more nutritious and high in protein.

If you do not like protein powder, or want to use ingredients you may already have in stock, these are some great options.

Cottage cheese mixes with the consistency of oatmeal and adds a unique flavor which many enjoy.

You can also use Greek yogurt for a creamier consistency which also adds more protein.

A common addition for more protein content is eggs or just egg whites since they are full of nutrition with protein being one of their best offerings.

Even using milk instead of water is more nutritious and tends to have more protein content.

If you have them, using nuts or nut butter is a great choice since they are famously high in protein.

Other Ways To Add Protein Into Your Oatmeal?

Here are some other recipes which are great for inspiration if you do not want to use protein powder and want to try something else to get an oatmeal high in protein!

Cottage Cheese Oatmeal

Cottage cheese is a pretty divisive ingredient and people can not agree on if they love it or hate it.

But if you enjoy cottage cheese, you should definitely try it in oatmeal as the protein content will skyrocket, and the change it makes to the texture of the oatmeal makes it super creamy and way more delicious!

Egg White Oatmeal

If you whisk in egg whites to your oatmeal while it is cooking on the stove, it will not scramble, and instead work its way into the oatmeal and will add its nutritious value.

This is a simple way to use up egg whites if you have any, and it does not add much flavor either.

Greek Yogurt Oatmeal

Greek yogurt is already full of nutrients and is a great source of protein by itself, but by mixing it with oatmeal, you get a great source of protein which you should not pass up on, and is super easy to prepare!


Hopefully this guide has made clear just how easy it is to make your oatmeal high in protein and how many varied options there are!

Using protein powder is a great method, but if you do not want to do this, there are plenty of other choices too!

Jenna Priestly