Are Apple Watch Calories Accurate?

The Apple Watch is meant to be a fitness tracker and a way to stay in touch with your phone. But what about the calories burned and calories consumed? Find out how Apple Watch calories compare to other health devices.

Are Apple Watch Calories Accurate

Apple Watch app and watch face calories are calculated based on the data provided by the Apple Watch and third party apps which you will be able to find out about right here in this article. 

How Does It Count The Calories?

This part will be going through how the watch itself actually manages to calculate the calories burned. The watch has been designed to track and monitor both your heart rate and the movements you make at all times and during exercise.

This will also link that information to your physical attributes as well which includes your height, weight and age. After focusing on all of these different factors, it will be able to calculate your daily burning rate! 

It all focuses on metabolic rate when looking into the calorie count and burn. This also looks at how you are able to digest your food and the speed this happens at.

Everybody has different metabolic rates because their bodies all react differently which is why people find it really hard to figure out how this watch is able to calculate these types of processes. 

Apple Health App

The apple health app is connected to the apple watch because it allows you to add in all of your personal information through your phone which can connect to your app.

The app allows you to calculate your basal metabolic rate which is the normal rate you would have when resting. 

It also allows you to calculate your active metabolic rate when you are taking part in physical activity. This is great for looking at variations and changes in that rate when resting and being active. 

The app is also great at looking at averages across the world and country. It will look at your personal details and average what type of body you have in terms of weight, height, age and fitness.

This allows the app to determine how much exercise you need to lose those calories and how many you need to be consuming too! 

Apple’s Accuracy

Apple’s Accuracy

People always speculate about how accurate it can really be. You need to be looking at two different factors which are calculating BMR and expenditure tracking. 

For your BMR Apple is using the contributing factors of your age, gender and height to determine calories used. This technique is pretty accurate because it tends to be used in medical science across the world.

The brand would not be using something that has not been tried and tested. 

Apple is known to have a really good heart tracking system and has been tested by several different universities, comparing it to other brands and models.

However, Apple has always come out on top! Apple watches are also known to be the best at being able to track the amount of calories that you have actually burned that day. 

You need to make sure you have completed the set up properly in terms of the health app and the watch to make sure everything has been calculated as precisely as possible.

This also refers to the personal information you are putting in because that will dictate your metabolic rate and also if you put in the wrong height or weight, it will not be accurate for you. 

Any Inaccuracies? 

There does not appear to be many inaccuracies for this product but one that has come up a few times is the standing rate.

This relates to how long you have been standing, being more than you’ve been awake. It can also mess up when you are sitting thinking you are standing and can’t tell the difference yet between the two. 

When there are inaccuracies like these, people just start thinking about the other features and whether they are accurate too.

However, this is definitely not the case when it comes to the calorie counter and heart monitor because it has, as mentioned previously, been tested before.

The reason for the standing and sitting inaccuracy is because of the lack of technology yet being able to tell the difference between the two stances if they are immobile. 


Overall, if you are thinking of getting an Apple watch or have just purchased one, these are some things to keep in mind.

You need to make sure you set up the device correctly because you will not be getting accurate results otherwise and this will not be the device’s fault. This is because it relies on this personal information to give you results and answers!

You also need to actually link your watch to your phone and your health app because it will maximize your experience with the Apple watch altogether if you are using it for mainly fitness reasons. 

Hopefully this article has helped you understand how Apple watch technology is accurate in most areas of the technology.

However, there are always some inaccuracies with any type of technology because it is constantly being developed day in day out.

They are yet to figure out the sitting and standing issue which can affect your time chilling and not but it is not massive and won’t affect your fitness results.

These watches can be quite pricey but are well worth the money if you are looking to keep on top of your calories. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does The Apple Watch Calculate Calories?

Your Apple Watch uses information such as your height, weight, age, gender, heart rate, and movement throughout the day to calculate how many calories you burn.

It’s an estimation of course, but in general, the results are considered fairly accurate. How does the Apple Watch calculate calories? Is the calculation accurate?

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