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Low Carb Diets for Fast Weight Loss

Low Carb Diets

Daily Carb-Intake

Most mainstream diet nutritionists and dietitians do not recommend very low carb diets. Instead, they typically recommend that about 50-55 percent of daily calories come from carbohydrates. This amounts to about 275 grams of carbohydrate for anyone consuming 2,000 calories a day. By contrast, Dr Atkins Diet advises a maximum of 20g of carbs per day.

Carbs and Diet

Carbohydrates (starches and sugar) supply easy-to-use energy for the entire body, including the brain. Carbohydrates not used immediately are stored either as glycogen or as fat, which converts to energy. However, fat loss is faster without carbs, say low carb advocates, who maintain that when carbohydrates are severely restricted, more fat is burned for energy (Ketosis), causing faster weight loss.

Low Carb Diets and Calories

Although thousands of dieters say they've reduced weight through carb-reduction, nutrition experts remain divided over the health effects of low carb eating. Critics contend that dieters who have lost weight on low-carb diets did so not because they cut carbs but because they trimmed calories. Also, some diet experts worry about heart health risks because many low-carb diets encourage immoderate consumption of high-protein foods, including meats, cheeses, cream and other foods rich in saturated fat. But several recent diet studies have failed to show negative effects on cholesterol. At least one study even showed a decrease in harmful triglycerides.

Low Carb Diets and Health

Very low carb diets may be deficient in essential vitamins. Indeed, some low carbs eating plans require you to take vitamin supplements for the sake of your health. Also, low carb diets contradict the latest World Cancer Research Fund Report, entitled Food, Nutrition and the Prevention of Cancer. Finally, when assessing the weight loss benefits of low carb dieting, note that the average US annual consumption of wheatflour has fallen 10 pounds per person, since 1997. Yet obesity rates continue to soar.

Weight Loss Diet Advice

Fad diets or other unbalanced weight loss plans do not lead to lasting weight loss and may contain too few calories and inadequate nutrition. For sustained weight loss, the best diet is usually a balanced diet with foods from all the nutritional food groups, which offers realistic weight reduction goals and provides a manageable eating plan. This type of diet program should be combined with a realistic weight loss fitness plan.


Weight Loss Diets

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