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Weight Loss Diets

Weight Loss Diets

Atkins Diet
Top-selling low carb diet.
BBC Weight Loss Diet
A classic weight loss book.
Beverly Hills Diet
Conscious food-combining diet program.
Body for Life Diet
High protein diet and fitness program.
Cabbage Soup Diet
Popular fad diet.
Calorie Controlled Diet
Convenient online weight loss diet.
1200 Calorie Diet
Minimum calorie-intake diet.
Cambridge Diet
Meal replacement diet program.
Carbohydrate Addicts' Diet
Lifelong solution to yo-yo dieting and weight cycling.
Cider Vinegar Diet
Traditional fad diet.
Diet Workshop Program
Diet, exercise and behavior modification.
Eat More, Weigh Less Diet (Dean Ornish)
Low fat weight loss diet.
Eat Right 4 Your Type Diet
Diet foods that match your blood type.
F-Plan Diet
The original high fiber weight loss diet.
Fat Flush Plan
Essential fats, balanced proteins and quality carbs.
Fit for Life Diet Program
Diet based on natural body cycles.
Glycemic Index Diets
Carbs based on glycemic response and glycemic load.
Grapefruit Diet
Single food-based fad diet for rapid weight loss.
Health Management Resources Weight Loss Program
Weight loss clinics and at-home diet program.
Hip and Thigh Diet
Low fat diet.
Hollywood 48 Hour Miracle Diet
Meal replacement drink for quick weight loss.
Jenny Craig Diet Program
Weight loss centers and balanced diet program.
Low Carb Diets
High protein, ketogenic diets for faster weight loss.
Low Fat Diets
Low cholesterol weight loss plans.
Medifast Weight Loss Program
Take Shape for Life meal replacement balanced diet plan.
Negative Calorie Diet
Diets with negative calorie foods that burn extra calories.
New Direction Diet Program
Medically-supervised ketogenic low calorie diet program.
NutriSystem Weight Loss Program
Weight loss program with pre-prepared meals.
Optifast Diet Program
Anti-obesity meal replacement diet program.
Peanut Butter Diet
Comfort food based high monounsaturated fat diet.
Peel Away the Pounds
Weight loss patch plus Drink & Shrink diet plan.
Pritikin Diet
Low fat diet based around calorie-controlled meals.
Rice Diet Program
Residential diet program to reduce obesity and heart disease.
Rotation Diet
Weight loss plan based on 3-week phases.
Scan Diet
Soy protein-based meal replacement weight loss plan.
Scarsdale Diet
The original low-calorie high protein diet.
Skinny Pill Diet Supplements Program
A range of 3 different types of supplements for weight loss.
Slim Fast Weight Loss Plan
Meal replacement weight loss program.
South Beach Diet
Less restrictive low carb weight loss diet.
Subway Diet
Weight loss eating plan based on eponymous food chain.
Sugar Busters Diet
How to reduce sugar and weight.
Suzanne Somers Diet
Somersizing food-combining & Atkins style low carb diet.
T-Factor Diet
Reduce dietary fat to achieve and maintain a healthy weight.
Take Off Pounds Sensibly (TOPS)
Weight loss support program.
Total Health Makeover
10 Step Health Program to healthy weight.
Vegetarian Weight Loss Diet
Online weight loss program for ovo lacto vegetarians.
6 Week Body Makeover Diet
Low calorie diet plan with light weight-lifting.
Weigh Down Diet
Lose weight by understanding hunger and fullness.
Weight Watchers Diet
International weight loss program.
Zone Diet
Eat the proper ratio of carbs, fat, protein to lose weight.


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