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Serving Sizes and Calorie Control
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Serving Sizes and Calorie Control

Serving Sizes and Calorie Control

Portions and Serving Sizes

Are you gaining weight? If so, you're eating too many calories and one reason for this may be your serving sizes. You may be helping yourself to larger serving sizes than those recommended on the food label.

For instance, pour out your usual serving size of breakfast cereal and measure it! Then, compare it to the label serving size. Chances are, you're eating two or three times the amount on the label.

Study of Serving Sizes and Calories

One diet study (Journal of the American College of Nutrition, June, 2001) found the amount of cereal eaten by adults was approximately twice the serving size listed on the box. That's double the calories. So if you're wondering why you're gaining weight, this may be one place calories are sneaking into your meals.

For Optimum Weight Control Check Label Serving Sizes

It's easy to pile on the calories if your serving sizes are too large. Eating an extra 90 calories in your cereal bowl every morning adds nearly 33,000 extra calories per year - the equivalent of 9 pounds of body weight. Over ten years that's a whopping 90 pounds, just from eating a little extra cereal! So check the serving size on the food label and follow the recommendations.

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