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Protein - Calories and Nutrition

This food group includes poultry, pulses, beans, nuts, seeds, soya products and vegetable protein foods, such as quorn and seitan.

Protein - Highs and Lows

Protein plays an essential role in building and repairing your body. But whether it helps a fingernail to grow or heals a sore muscle depends very much on what the protein is made up of.

This is because protein consists of smaller units called amino acids, which chain together in many different combinations to achieve different things. Some amino acid chains are created by your body, but some - essential amino acids - must come from your diet. Though all animal and plant cells contain some protein, the amount and the quality of the protein varies a lot.

High biological value foods contain enough indispensable amino acids for an adult diet and are considered to be good quality protein. Meat, fish and eggs sit in this category.

Low biological value foods don't contain enough indispensable amino acids. Plant foods, such as pulses, nuts and seeds, are in this group.

For Optimum Nutrition and Calorie Control Eat 10-15 Percent Calories from Protein

UK government guidelines recommend that protein makes up 10-15 percent of your diet. They suggest that adult males eat 55.5g of protein every day and adult females eat 45g every day.

In real terms, eating a moderate amount of protein - in one or two meals every day - should give you all the protein you need.

The need to eat it daily is worth emphasising because your body can't store protein - you can't stock up on it by bingeing on protein once a week. Simply eating a variety of foods every day is all you need to do.

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Sources include: BBC Health (London), US Dept of Agriculture

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