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Dietary Nutrition

Diet Nutrition & Calories

Calories Versus Nutrition

Calories are strictly neutral. Meaning: from an energy viewpoint it doesn't matter whether you eat a healthy 500 calorie meal (eg. meat, potatoes and vegetables) or two 250-calorie candy bars. Both offer 500 calories worth of energy.

But energy/calories alone will not keep you healthy - the calories you eat must contain sufficient nutrition to maintain your organs and tissue in good health, otherwise your well-being and energy levels will suffer.

For calorie details of 2500 Foods, see Calories in Foods

What is Good Nutrition

A nutritious diet is a balanced combination of foods that includes sufficient quantities of these 6 types of nutrition. Carbs (including non-digestible fiber), fats, protein, vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals.

Good Nutrition Means Eating a Variety of Nutritious Calories

No one food (or food group) contains more than a small percentage of the necessary nutrition to sustain good health. Calories from good fats (or good carbs) may contain nutrition, but not enough. To be sure of getting adequate nutrition you need to take your calories from a wide variety of different foods. For this reason, fat-free or carb-free diets are unhealthy and dangerous to health. Even very-low-fat or very-low-carb diets are a health risk. It's no surprise, for example, that the late Dr Atkins devoted so much space to vitamin supplements in the Atkins Diet - after all, carbs are bursting with nutrition.

Nutrition, Vitamins and Minerals

Few if any vitamins and minerals work solo. Most need other vitamins and minerals to optimize absorption and effectiveness. For example, calcium is very important for bones, and iron is important for the healtyh of our blood. But without adequate vitamin C, neither is truly effective. For optimum diet nutrition, we need a combination of vitamins and minerals, and this is best obtained from a nutritious balanced diet.

When Nutritious Calories are Especially Important

A nutritious diet containing calories from nutritious foods is especially important for: new Moms, senior citizens and anyone suffering from ill-health or stress. Vitamin supplements may also be beneficial for these population groups, in order to boost diet nutrition and good health.

More Nutritional Information About Foods

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Nutritional and calorie facts provided for the above food groups include: vitamins, minerals, folate and dietary fiber, as well as protein and carbs. Understanding diet nutrition as well as calorie values makes weight loss easier and helps you to follow a healthy diet.

Source: Diet Nutrition Advice

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