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Low Impact Aerobics: Build and Develop Muscles

Low Impact Aerobics: Total Body Fitness

Exercise to Get Fit and Boost Health

Low Impact Aerobic workouts help to raise general fitness levels by exercising and strengthening a variety of muscle groups throughout the body, including both the cardiac and skeletal muscles. By raising heart-beat rate, they contribute to improved cardiovascular and lower risk of heart disease.

Low Impact Aerobics: Muscles Worked

Low Impact Aerobic workouts are also useful for muscle-development, as they strengthen and develop a complete range of muscles: from the sternocleidomastoid (neck muscle) and deltoids (shoulders) to the trapezius (upper back), lats (lower back) and thighs (quads and hamstrings). In addition, they work the gastrocnemius muscle (calf) and gluteus maximus (bottom) tissue.

Low Impact Aerobics: Body Fitness Benefits

Low Impact Aerobic programs improve body-fat ratio and coordination, and help to raise resting metabolic rate.

Low Impact Aerobics: Calories and Diet

Exercise workouts involving Low Impact Aerobics burn a reasonable number of calories. When combined with a calorie-controlled diet/eating plan, they help us to lose weight and keep a healthy body-fat percent.

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