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Low Calorie Foods and Weight Loss
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Low Calorie Foods and Weight Loss

Low Calorie Foods and Weight Loss

Do Low-Calorie Foods Really Help to Control Weight

Yes. As part of a sensible weight-control program - including diet, exercise and lifestyle changes - low-calorie foods and beverages do help dieters control calories and therefore lose weight. Dietitians and health professionals agree that calorie-control is the key to losing weight. This means: burn more calories than you consume, either by increasing physical activity or consuming fewer calories or, ideally, both.

Calorie-Free Sweeteners and Fat Replacers

Low-calorie foods and beverages provide consumers an alternative to higher-calorie, sugar-sweetened products. Recent weight loss studies support the effectiveness of low-calorie or calorie-free sweeteners in controlling weight. Reduced-fat and reduced-calorie foods made with fat replacers also assist calorie and weight control.

Fruit and Vegetables Still the Best Low Calorie Foods

Non-caloric sweeteners and fat replacers may be beneficial for calorie and weight control, but fruit and vegetables are still the most effective and nutritious low-calorie foods. Eat a minimum of 5 servings a day - and french fries don't count!

Calories Determine Weight Loss

Carb restriction may be high-fashion, but dietitians are increasingly reminding Americans that "calories still count." All weight loss studies show that weight loss is not possible in the absence of a calorie-deficit, meaning we need to consume fewer calories than we expend. Period.

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