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Fat Loss Benefits of Riding Horses

Horse Riding is a reasonably good way to reduce body fat and burn calories. In terms of calories burned, about 15 minutes of Horse Riding uses up about 75 calories. Over 12 months, this daily Horse Riding workout burns a total of 27,375 calories per year: the equivalent of 7.8 pounds of fat tissue.

Horse-Riding: Exercise and Health Benefits

A Horse Riding exercise routine doesn't just help you to reduce overall body fat, it also helps you to increase energy levels, boost metabolism and tone muscles.

How to Reduce Fat Fast with Horse Riding

In order to increase fat loss, by Horse Riding, it's important to follow a healthy diet, which includes a good range of vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients. Why? Because a healthy body burns fat faster. In addition, exercise and diet studies show that motivation is improved when you check your weight and body measurements each week (using a regular weighing scales) and record your general fitness progress.

Does Horse Riding Suit You?

For effective fat loss, weight loss experts recommend that the best type of fitness routine is the one that best suits your individual lifestyle - not necessarily the type of exercise program that burns the most calories.

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