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Step Aerobics Fitness Workout

Step Aerobics

High-Intensity, Low Impact Aerobic Workout

Step aerobic exercise is a high-intensity, lower-impact version of aerobics that involves stepping on and off a bench or platform. It started in the 1980’s and soon proved popular as a great fat burning exercise. If you want to lose weight with an exercise program, then step aerobics is a convenient option. Most gyms offer beginner to advanced level classes, and there are lots of home videos to choose from if you prefer exercising at home.

How Many Calories Does Step Aerobics Burn?

30 minutes of stepping burns about 300 calories using a six-inch step. [This is based on a 150-pound woman. If you weigh more, you’ll burn extra calories; if you weigh less, you’ll burn fewer calories.]

How Does Step Aerobics Help Weight Loss?

Step exercise is a high-intensity workout, so it burns lots of calories and body fat. It tones and shapes the lower body, especially the butt, thighs and calves which makes you look leaner. Concentrate on keeping the abdominal contracted while stepping, as this strengthens the abdominal muscles and makes your stomach appear flatter.

How Often Should I Workout For Optimum Weight Loss?

30-minute workout, beginning with 8 minutes warm up and 5 minutes cool down. Twice a week for one month.

Increase the intensity (by more arm combinations), duration (work out for 40 minutes) and the number of times you workout (increase to 3 or 4 times a week). Don’t increase by all 3 at once, keep switching things around for 6 weeks.

Add the more advanced moves to your fitness program (e.g. lunges). Don’t work out for more than 60 minutes, or more than 4 times per week.

How To Start Doing Step Exercises?

Start by stepping up and down on the first step of a staircase. When you can do this for 10 minutes, you are ready for a beginner class in a gym or home video. Work on your steps and correct position for the first few times. Don’t be tempted by hand weights as they can limit movement and can cause pain and fatigue in the shoulders when used for long periods of time. Limit yourself to no more than 4 workouts a week. Fitness studies show that doing step aerobics more often, may increase the risk of injury. So be happy that it’s a high intensity workout that burns lots of calories in a short time!

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