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Push-Ups Fitness Workout

Push-Ups Workout

Good Strength Training

Push-ups are one of the easiest and most effective types of resistance exercise to strengthen and stretch the arms and upper body. As well as traditional push-ups, performed lying flat on the floor, you can do similar exercises kneeling or standing.

What Muscles are Developed?

Pushups work the triceps (upper-arm), pectoral musles (chest), latissimus dorsi (back and shoulder) as well as the abdominal muscles. Working the triceps helps to tone fat that lingers on the back of the arm.

Position of Hands Affects Muscular Benefits

Where you place your hands when doing push-ups affects the muscles you develop. By performing pushups with your arms more than shoulder-width apart, you work the outer chest muscles more. If your hands are positioned cloer together, the triceps and inner chest muscles receive a better workout. For advice about how to do push-up exercises see: Simple Push-Ups, Advanced Push-Ups and Push-Up Exercises

How Many Push-Ups to Do?

If your upper body is unfit, or out of condition, or if you are very overweight, don't strain yourself by doing too many push up exercises. Start with one set of 5 repeats. As your arm and chest fitness improves, work up to two sets of 10 repeats. If you are a super-athlete, you may care to know that the highest number of non-stop push-ups performed in a single workout is 10,507.

Push-Up Stretch

Here is a useful yoga-based stretch to perform between sets of push-ups, or when you have finished your workout.

- Place hands and knees on the floor.
- Stretch your arms out in front of you.
- As you do so, bring your hips back to your heels.
- Rest forehead on the floor and breathe.

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