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Neck Exercise Workout

Neck Pain or Injury Caused by Muscle Tension

Traumatic injuries, whiplash, or strain can all cause neck pain or injury. Neck pain typically results from muscle spasm or muscle tension that leads to a narrowing of the spaces between the vertebrae. This places pressure on the local nerves, a condition commonly known as a “pinched nerve.” However, neck pain is also commonly caused by sitting too long at a desk; driving long distances without adequate rests; poor body posture; as well as from physical and emotional stress.

Exercises to Alleviate Neck Pain

Neck exercises aim to return your head to a more upright postural position. Such exercises should stretch and exercise the base of the neck, while strengthening the neck muscles.

Exercise Routine to Strengthen Neck Muscles

The following stretches can keep your neck muscles flexible and strong. A regular neck exercise workout can help relieve stiffness and muscle tension, and reduce the possibility of neck-muscle spasm..

Foward Tilt Neck Exercise
- Tilt your head slowly back, far enough so you can look up.
- Hold posture for a moment.
- Return slowly to front position.
- Do 5 repetitions of this exercise 3 times a day.

Side Tilt Neck Exercise
- Keep head straight as you slowly tilt it over to the side.
- Don't go so far that you touch your ear with your shoulder.
- Hold posture for a moment.
- Return your head to center position.
- Move your head to your opposite shoulder.
- Do 5 repetitions of this exercise three times a day.

Rotation Neck Exercise
- Slowly turn your head as far as you can.
- Hold posture for a moment.
- Return your head to the center.
- Move your head in the opposite direction.
- Do 5 repetitions of this exercise 3 times a day.

Yoga-Based Neck Exercise

Here are some quick and easy yoga-based exercises to increase flexibility and muscle strength in the neck muscles. Do them slowly and keep your spine straight, your neck relaxed and your shoulders facing forward.

  • First drop your head back, then drop it right forward.
  • Now keeping your head erect, turn it all the way to the right, back to center, then all the way to the left.
  • Next drop your head forward and roll it around as wide a circle as possible. Repeat in the opposite direction.
  • Now, raise your right shoulder, then drop it down. Repeat with the left.
  • Lastly, raise both shoulders at once, then drop them down again.

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