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Dance Exercise Fitness Workout

Dance Exercise Workout

Dancing Improves Cardio Fitness

Dancing can be just as good as jogging as a way to improve cardio-aerobic fitness. Studies show that dancer heart rates are often within their ‘exercise benefit zone’ (60 to 85 percent of estimated maximum heart rate) after doing the jive, rock 'n roll, samba, or swing dances. Many Olympic athletes incorporate dance workouts into their fitness programs for better balance, alignment and flexibility.

How Dancing Helps Weight Loss

By improving cardiovascular fitness, sustained dancing helps us to lose weight by burning extra calories. In addition, it tones the lower body, especially the calves, thighs, buttocks, abdomen and hips. Some dance moves such as swing dancing also work the triceps, biceps and pectoral muscles.

How Many Calories Does Dancing Burn?

How many calories you burn when dancing depends on the type of dance chosen. For example, 30 minutes of ballroom dancing burns about 100 calories, aerobic dance burns about 200 calories, modern dance burns about 150 calories and country line dancing about 150 calories. [This is based on a 150-pound woman. If you weigh more, you’ll burn extra calories; if you weigh less, you’ll burn fewer calories.]

Health Benefits of Dance Exercise

A dance workout is beneficial in many ways:

- It improves posture and body alignment.
- It helps stretch the muscles.
- It boosts flexibility and stamina.
- Dance benefits the cardiovascular and respiratory system.

Dancing - How To Start

If you want to get fit or lose weight by dancing, find a beginners class in your area, or learn at home with a dance video (and a partner!). Some dances are easy to learn, but if you are not very fit, try starting with the fox trot, or waltz. Take it slow as you learn the steps. You may not feel that you are burning calories, but within weeks of learning the correct steps, you’ll be burning lots of energy and body fat as you whiz around the dance floor.

Dance Exercise Videos/DVDs

Dance videos and DVDs are an easy quick way to learn the basic dance techniques and movements. Whether your goal is weight loss, body sculpting, toning or waistline reduction, dance exercise videos can help you achieve the results you want. Latin Dances, Hip Hop, Jazz, Belly Dancing, Modern Dance, Salsa Exercise Videos are particularly popular. Expect to pay in the region of $10 for VHS and $15 for DVD.

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