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Back Exercise Fitness Workout

Back Exercise Workout

Back Exercises Explained

The back is made up of a range of muscles - these include the Latissimus Dorsi (the largest back muscle), the Trapezius which runs along the upper back and neck area and the rear Deltoids. The trapezius works with the pectoral muscles on the chest and makes the shoulders powerful and strong. It is extremely important to stretch the back muscles regularly. This strengthens the back and is excellent for posture. The lower back muscles are the most likely to cause problems and it is important to target this area when doing back exercises.

What Exercises Improve Back Muscles?

Stretching exercises benefit the back and should be done at the start and end of a workout. Exercises that require you to bend should be done with the knees slightly bent to avoid straining the back. Specific exercises that strengthen the back are Curls, Upper Back Curls and Spinal Twists.

What Goes Wrong with Back Muscles?

Back muscle pain can be caused by our normal day to day life. Driving long distance, sitting in front of a computer, standing for long periods, too much bending, all contribute to backache.

Total Body Workout and Back-Stretches

Like all muscles, the back muscles will benefit more from a total body workout rather than working on specific muscles. Curls, Spinal Twists and other specific back exercises should be included as part of the workout. To protect your back muscles do regular stretching exercises. Before you begin your workout, pay special attention to the lower back muscles (erector spinae) area. A simple stretching exercise for the back is lying on on the floor, knees raised towards the chest and rotate the lower half of the body from side to side. This lower back stretch will strengthen the area.

How to Protect Back Muscles

If driving long distance, take several breaks to walk around and stretch your back. The same applies if you are working at a computer or sitting in an office all day. When bending, protect your back by bending from the knees, not the waist. Use your legs, not your back, to get up.

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