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Abdominal Exercises Fitness Workout

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Why are Abdominal Muscles Important?

The abs are the large group of muscles in front of the abdomen. They are the core of your body strength and power. In particular, ab muscles assist regular breathing movement, alleviate back pain and support the spinal muscles when lifting. Abs also keep the abdominal organs, like intestines, in place. Exercising your abdominal area helps to develop a flat stomach and the "six-pack" look.

Main Abdominal Muscles

The principal ab muscles are the Rectus Abdominis (which stabilizes the trunk, tilts the pelvis, regulates the curvature of the spine), the Transversus Abdominis (which pulls the abdominal wall inward and forces the breath out, assists power activities like kickboxing), the External Oblique (enhances activities requiring you to rotate your trunk, like tennis, golf), and the Internal Oblique (works in a similar way to the external oblique).

How to Exercise the Abdominal Muscles?

To work the abs, do exercises that move your pelvis towards your sternum (breastbone) or that move your sternum towards your pelvis. Effective ab-workouts include: crunches (lift your upper body like head, shoulders and upper back, leaving your lower back on the floor) sit-ups, twists and leg raises. Never pull with your neck - always move from your midsection. Don't arch your back when doing ab-exercises.

Benefits of Abdominal Exercise

Ab exercises that strengthen the stomach and back muscles, provide extra support for a wide range of torso or trunk-movements, reduce the likelihood of back injury and strain, add power and strength to your sports activities, and significantly improve the appearance of your stomach and "six-pack".

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