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High Density Foods
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High Density Foods

High Density Foods - Calorie-Dense Foods

What are High Density or Calorie Dense Foods

High-density foods are foods which, measured by volume, contain a large amount of calories. Calorie-dense foods are typically high in fat and/or sugar. For example, candy bar is a high-density food. It contains lots of sugar and fat, so it is lots of calories in a small package. One or two bites and you've taken in 50 or 100 calories. By comparison, an apple is low-density. It takes many bites to eat an apple, but you take in only 80-90 calories.

Beware High-Fat Calorie Dense Foods

Imagine you've eaten a big meal. Your stomach is full. Then along comes the sweet trolley full of tempting high-density desserts like cheesecake, chocolate mousse and the like. No matter how full you feel, often it's easy to eat one of these calorie-dense desserts. A few mouthfuls and you've eaten maybe 500 calories.

To eat the equivalent calories in the form of low-density foods, you'd have to eat 5 apples, or 5 oranges or 7 slices of whole wheat bread.

Examples of High Density Foods - Eat Less to Reduce Calories

High density foods are not ideal for weight loss or for anyone trying to maintain a calorie-controlled diet.

Typical calorie-dense foods include any food or beverage high in sugar and/or fat, like all fatty meats, salami, candy, cookies, crackers, tortilla chips, fried anything, cola, beer, cream, luxury ice-cream and so on are all high-density and should be eaten in moderation.

Examples of Low Density Foods - Eat More

Most low-density foods can be eaten with far less worry about weight gain.

  • Most fresh or frozen fruits or vegetables.
  • Bran-based or whol wheat cereals, like shredded wheat.
  • Rice cakes.
  • Air-popped popcorn.
  • Whole-wheat bread, preferably with lots of fiber.
  • Brown rice.

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