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The Glycemic Index (GI)

The Glycemic Index (GI)

The Glycemic Index Value of Foods

The glycemic index of a food is a measure of how fast that food is digested and thus it's effect on blood sugar levels. The faster the rise in blood glucose, the higher the glycemic index.

Generally, foods are divided into three categories:

  • High Glycemic Index Foods - 70 or above - see Sugar
    Examples: Glucose, honey, jelly beans, sports drink, bagel, wheat cereals, white rice, baked potato, watermelon.
  • Medium Glycemic Index Foods - 50-70
    Examples: Breakfast bar, tortilla chips, bread, muesli, brown rice, boiled potato, banana.
  • Low Glycemic Index Foods - 50 or below
    Examples: Fructose, chocolate, sponge cake, milk, fruit cake, bran cereals, pasta, beans, apples.

Benefits of Low Glycemic Index Foods

Diet experts consider lower GI foods to be more beneficial.

  • Low GI foods help maintain more stable blood sugar levels.
  • Low GI foods help reduce appetite fluctuations and food cravings.
  • Low GI foods help us to stay full for longer.
  • Low GI foods help diabetics exercise more control over their blood sugar levels.

Do Low Glycemic Index Foods Help Weight Loss

Yes and No. Yes lower GI foods do make weight loss easier because they help regulate appetite and keep us full for longer. But a food's low GI rating doesn't mean that it's low in calories or even nutritious. So while the glycemic index is a useful standard by which to assess carb-rich foods, it is not an ideal basis for a weight loss diet.

Glycemic Index Bottom Line

For best weight control effects, eat a balance of medium and low-GI foods at every meal, but (as usual) watch those calories! And be sure to take regular exercise, as this helps to balance blood sugars.

For more information about glycemic effects of food in diet, see: Facts About Glycemic Index

For calorie details of 2500 Foods, see Calories in Foods


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