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Review of Yoga Video/DVD

Yoga Videos and DVDs

Learning Yoga From a Video or DVD

Books and videos might never replace a good yoga teacher, but they are ideal for occasional or home yoga workouts. After all, not everyone has the body or mindset, or time, to become a yoga expert. So although video-only yoga practitioners may have poor alignment in many yoga poses, or bad breathing habits, yoga videos and DVDs are a perfectly valid way of encountering the wonderful physical and mental principles of yoga exercises. And if watching a yoga video or DVD inspires you to join a yoga group or class, so much the better.

Three Top Amazon Yoga Videos

Power Yoga - Total Body Workout (2003)
List Price: $19.98 DVD (65 minutes)

Features a challenging, constantly progressing series of poses including: Sun Salutation, standing poses, forward bends, back bends, twists, and arm balances. The first poses are fairly easy, and with each repetition of the series, and are followed by more difficult movements. Not ideal for beginners.

A.M. and P.M. Yoga for Beginners
List Price: $19.98 DVD (20 minutes)

Filmed on the beach at Maui, Hawaii, at sunrise, this 20-minute yoga video starts with a 4-minute Conscious Relaxation focusing on breathing, followed by a 14-minute series of yoga poses that are simultaneously relaxing and energizing. It ends with a 2-minute seated Guided Meditation to center your body and mind.

Pre-natal Yoga
List Price: $19.98 (46 minutes)

This prenatal yoga tape has a model for each trimester. Instructor Shiva Rea demonstrates each of the stretches and exercises for the first trimester, and two pregnant women show modifications for the second and third trimesters. This prenatal yoga video removes the doubt people often have about the safety of certain yoga movements during pregnancy. Starts with 30 minutes of meditational stretches using blocks and chairs for support, followed by 16 minutes of floor work: lunge pose, bridge pose, child's pose, plank pose - all with the necessary adjustments, and ends with a 4-minutes of guided yoga relaxation.

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