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Yoga Straps

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Review of Yoga Straps/Belts

Yoga Straps

What is a Yoga Strap?

Yoga straps, also called belts are typically 1-inch wide strips of cotton fabric, which are available in a variety of lengths - 6 feet is the most popular. Most straps are plain; some have buckles attached. Price Guide: About $10.00

Benefits of Using a Yoga Belt

During a yoga exercises, straps allow the yogi to grasp limbs that may ordinarily be out of reach. Yoga belts can give you the confidence to develop certain postures or try new positions. In addition, they can assist balance and provide helpful counter-resistance during spinal twists and other positions.

Are Yoga Straps Essential?

No. Yoga straps are convenient, but not essential. You can manage fine with any kind of band - even towels, tights or long socks will help your yoga workout. And since yoga belts don't come with instructions, you're not missing out on any guidelines for use in yoga postures.

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